Favourite brand of cook wear

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  1. elw474

    elw474 New Member

    I've had a Scanpan set since I was 16. It's lasted me for almost 10 years and not a problem so far!
    So easy to clean and great quality.
    What's your favourite brand of cooking wear?
  2. DIna00

    DIna00 Regular Member

    Northeastern USA
    My favorite brand was Calphalon but I think I am over them. I would like to try Crueset but they are so gosh darn expensive.

    I have stainless steel Caphalon and there are bolts by all the handles. They are so hard to clean around and depending what you cook you need a little pick to clean around the bolt. It wasn't bad in the beginning but they have gotten harder to clean over the years.

    I like the kitchenaid baking wear but don't think their cookware is as good.
  3. Caribbean girl

    Caribbean girl Senior Member

    I have had a Saladmaster stainless steel set for many years. I think this is a good brand as none of the pots show any scratches, even though they have been around for so long, and most of them are used on a daily basis. To buy a set like this nowadays would prove to be a lot more expensive than when we first bought it. I find them very easy to clean also, even if they happen to have burnt marks.
  4. DancingLady

    DancingLady Active Member

    I love my Belgique stainless pans. They are nice and heavy bottomed which is good for heat distribution. I would say that's my favorite.
  5. oddduck

    oddduck Well-Known Member

    I have my mother set of FlavorSeal they are fabulous for even heating and cooking on low heat. They've been around a bit cause she bought them in 1953 but they work wonderfully. I also have a set of saladmaster pots i got for a song at the thrift they felt very similar in hand as my mom's pots except they had smaller sizes and i needed smaller size pots. I also have some smaller pots of a brand called Canadiana...i have never found much info on them as the website that search term hooks you up with is not the same company that made my pots but they also feel in hand like my mom's FlavorSeal...so i use my mom's pots to measure any other pot and many brands i find lacking.

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