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  1. Francesca

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    A dear client of mine, had given me this hot Glogg récipe which we had tried a couple of years ago, and it is surely a warmer up .. and lovely hot toddie ..

    1 / 2 Bottle of Port Wine
    1/ 2 Bottle of White Moscatel Sweet or Semi Sweet Wine
    1 / 5 of Claret
    10 whole cardamon seeds
    5 sticks of cinammon
    sugar to taste ( I use sugar in the raw natural finely grinded Golden ecological sugar )
    a handful of blanched almonds
    3 shot glasses of Brandy of choice ( Highly suggest Jerez de La Frontera Oak Aged )
    10 whole cloves
    1 small orange - for the zest grated finely
    2 handful of raisins

    1) Put all the spices ( not the raisins or almonds) in the Port Wine and heat for 30 miniutes on simmer. Do not boil ..
    2) Dissolve the sugar in the brandy in a sauce pan .. Add all the wines and spices and heat.
    3) You may marinate the raisins in the wine mixture overnight !
    4) To serve: Place 10 raisins and a few almonds in each Mug, or Martini Glass Stemware if you prefer a decorative touch, and add the piping hot Glogg. Do please: Put a spoon in the glasses if you use Glassware or Stemware .. Highly suggested are Ceramic Mugs ..
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Very Christmassy! :cheers:
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  3. Francesca

    Francesca Guest

    @morning glory

    Lovely for a night cap during the holidays ..

    Keeps one toasty too ..

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