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How to get labels off a jar (the easy way)

Discussion in 'Kitchen Appliances, Cookware, Gadgets & Cookbooks' started by The Late Night Gourmet, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    The Late Night Gourmet Über Member

    Detroit, USA
    I frequently reuse pickle jars for other purposes (normally it's picking other things; I made pickled beets last night).

    I've been using the "scrape with my fingernails, wash in hot water" method, which is a lot of work. This way is a lot easier:
    1. Rub a little oil on the label.
    2. Soak the oiled jar with warm water (inside and out).
    3. Leave it there overnight.
    4. Remove the label using a scouring sponge if needed.
    Here are the details if you want to learn more:


    I can confirm that it works...even better than advertised! I decided to try this with a Chinkiang vinegar label, which has always seemed like it's fused to the glass. I applied oil, immersed the bottle in warm water (inside and out), and expected that I'd have to wait until the next day. But, an hour later, the label had slipped off the bottle on its own!
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  2. rascal

    rascal Well-Known Member

    I reuse jars all,the time, I don't worry about the labels, just fill and seal as normal. I write on the lids. Last 16 jars were tomato relish from my garden. I reuse bottles as well for sauce.

  3. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

    Do you have any easy way of removing labels from saucepans? We couldn't even burn this one off.

    pan label.jpg
  4. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    Mineral spirits works great on just about any adhesive used on glass or metal. You have to let it soak through the paper though. It is also known as white spirits. It can't be used on plasiic.
  5. Shermie

    Shermie Senior Member

    Brighton, MA.
    Goo Gone..jpg Goof Off..jpg

    Try one of THESE. It's gum & sticky residue's worst nightmare!! :wink:
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  6. Matilda

    Matilda Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Doesn't work for me. I have a Coconut Oil jar and two pickle jars. All three have plastic labels.(not paper). Oil doesn't work, and a dishwasher doesn't phaze it.
  7. Shermie

    Shermie Senior Member

    Brighton, MA.

    Try THIS.

    You can get it from Amazon.com. if nothing else works, then this SHOULD!! And it WON'T etch aluminum! :wink:
  8. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Most annoying! I know exactly what you mean and haven't found a method of removing those plastic labels.
  9. Shermie

    Shermie Senior Member

    Brighton, MA.

    Most labels, like the one on this pressure cooker that I bought, are, or should be plastic. They peel right off, with no trouble. I suggested Carbon-Off for Yorky because of the residue left on the side of the pressure cooker, which now has to be treated with like a pan that has carbon build-up. I had some, but ran out of it, & Now, again, I have a skilltet that has carbon build-up.
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  10. Shermie

    Shermie Senior Member

    Brighton, MA.

    Here it is!! :headshake:

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