Memories of WW2

Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by Dive Bar Casanova, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Some years back I was visiting relatives in London and one Cousin was studying for the taxi driver test. Evidently a pretty tough test. Grueling more like it. Often in London street names change each block I was told. That has to be rough getting dialed in on that. The test questions are tricky goes the tale.

    My Aunt Merle, my cousins mom, took us to a pub my dad and other bomber crews hung out at during WW2. Their names were still visible from where they signed the ceiling. When I came back home my dad asked about a few locals and mentioned where they sat in the pub. They were there when I visited.

    I had family that owned small farms and ranches and a vineyard here in California before and during WW2. Wine, champagne and brandy was produced at my Grandfathers Vineyard. A sweet old Scottish can do it kinda guy.

    My Uncle Lou was high ranking in the US Navy and ran food supply from the US to be distributed to the US troops in England, then on Europe after the invasion. Well, at the pub I learned they (and the surrounding neighborhood) were well stocked with wine, brandy, fruit, eggs, nuts, canned hams on and on from California. Gee,, I wonder who it came from and how it all got there?

    My Aunt Connie was a separated-at-birth look-a-like to Vivien Leigh. A dead ringer for her and this is the early 1940's. Just imagine that back then. Married my Uncle Lou, they got rich in the premium meat business after the war. Aunt Connie was a war bride that came over on the SS Lurline with my mom. A smart liner goes the tale on the brochure, (the war brides will tell you differently), and is still living in Sand Diego Calif at the Hotel Del.


    I was contacted by a college kid that is doing a story on war brides. Aunt Connie is still a dynamic, witty, charming Brit and they are working together now.
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    Aunt Connie or Vivien Leigh? :)

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    With new discoveries, history keeps adjusting. I never new that Germany had developed a stealth bomber during WWII. Knew about the V2's but never new of the HO 229 until I saw a documentary about it.
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    I love that stuff. Thanks for posting.

    An old elderly dapper German gentleman walks by our home most every evening. He became a POW during WW2 and was sent west to pick oranges, lemons and maintain farm vehicles. "We were treated very well, even paid" he told me.
    After the war he managed to get a job with Mercedes and eventually got transferred to the USA and married a farmers daughter he met during his "stay". There has to be a good romantic story there.
    He retired and lives close by to be near his Grandchildren.. He pets our straight razor toting cat without incident.

    In school we had a teacher that had been Hitler Youth. Mr. Geto.
    Still had the attitude. Extremely difficult person. Ridiculous describes it better.
    It didn't go well with us kids. Especially British kids that had immigrated to the US whose parents worked for Jag and other UK companies setting up shop in the West.

    Especially "those smart mouthed Hamstead Village girls" as my mother would say.
    They gave Mr Geto a time.
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    Spot on. Red Hot Red Lipstick.

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