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  1. detroitdad

    detroitdad Senior Member

    Ypsilanti, MI.
    I picked up some new ones last month and their cheap plastic grinder is already broke. I plan on ordering one from Amazon.

    I would prefer a metal mechanism. I'm not opposed to any. I would like to keep it in the 30 dollar price range, but will go a little higher if necessary.

    Thoughts? What do you have? am I over thinking this? lol.


    Here are a few I'm looking at
  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    The last one is the most expensive pepper mill I've ever seen! I've got salt/pepper mills I bought for about £8 each and have lasted years but they do have plastic grinders. I think the Peugeot has good press and will last.
  3. detroitdad

    detroitdad Senior Member

    Ypsilanti, MI.
    I started researching them yesterday. The ones I listed in my OP are cheaper than most lol
  4. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    Make sure you get one with ceramic grinding "teeth", not metal. The metal ones eventually rust (presumably from holding it over steamy food) so you end up grinding a little rust into your food.

    We love our battery powered pepper and salt grinders. They make grinding fun, plus a heck of a lot easier when having to freshly grind 2 tbsps or more for something like a dry rub or marinade.

    Whenever our guests ask for salt or pepper, they think the powered ones are really cool, although you have to warn them not to over do it because it's fun.
  5. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

  6. rascal

    rascal Senior Member

    I have battery and hand ones. Battery for showing off to friends,lol.

  7. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

    I rarely, if ever, use finely ground black pepper so generally use the coffee grinder attachment on the blender. Other than that my wife will pound a few corns in the pok-pok.
  8. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    I just blitz it in the spice grinder. Gave up on buying mills.
  9. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

    I think this was a result using a plastic bag and a rolling pin.........

    cracked pepper s.jpg

    Although I sometimes prefer it finer that that.
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  10. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    That works for cracked black pepper. The spice grinder can do that or a little finer or completely ground.
  11. The Late Night Gourmet

    The Late Night Gourmet Über Member

    Detroit, USA
    i have this kind of pepper mill (the red one, to be exact):


    The great thing is that I can get consistent amounts of pepper when I use it: 20 cranks of the handle = 1/4 teaspoon, so I know how much to use. And, when I decide to add rainbow peppercorns, the window makes for an attractive addition to the dinner table.
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