Recipe Portuguese Cod Fish Soup with Saffron

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    Portugal is world renowned for its vast variety of fish, seafood and shellfish, and in particular its adoration for cod fish, both wild, and salt cod .. At the tourist office, one receives, a 365 day cod fish recipe booklet of all the amazing cod fish recipes one can eat and where to go ..

    Here is a gorgeous soup which I had the pleasure of enjoying ..

    1 kilo cod fish + head
    500 Ml. Portuguese White Wine ( Verdeho )
    12 sea scallops or prawns or calamar in arcs
    6 Filetes of seabass or gilt bream or hake
    1 médium onion minced
    1 large carrot diced finely
    1 stalk of celery diced finely
    1 bay leaf
    freshly ground black pepper
    salt to taste
    1 teaspoon of saffron threads ( place in boiled water for 15 minutes and this shall go into the soup )
    50 grams of French butter 82 % butter fat
    10 grams of unbleached Eco or Bio or Organic Flour
    1 large potato ( to make it velvety ) or 200 ml. cream

    1) Prepare all your seafood / shellfish and rinse thoroughly.
    2) Place your saffron threads in boiled water and let marinate.
    3) Take 750 ml .. water and place the diced / minced veggies, the onion, carrot, celery, the bay leaf the the peppercorns grinded and salt and let this simmer on a médium to high heat in a large stockpot .. Add the White wine ..
    Let simmer on low slow flame approx 20 minutes and add the cod fish head.
    4) Strain well and remove all bones and fish skins ..
    5) Make sure that you filter out all the unwanted particles ( bay leaf and any fish particles + bones )
    6) Now, place the broth back on stove and adjust salt ..
    7) Melt the butter in a very Deep Skillet or Sautée for 3 minutes.
    8) Now add the broth, little by little to the butter.
    9) Heat on a very low slow flame ..
    10) Add the scallops and other fish varieties ..
    11) Slow low flame for 2 Minutes ..
    12) Now add the boiled potato or the cream, and let come to high simmer to combine and blend well.
    13) Now, add some freshly minced parsley and the Saffron with the liquid.
    14) Let simmer low slow flame until velvety ( 2 minutes at most ) ..

    Wonderful ..

    From Lisbon Hotel Restaurant ..
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    Out of interest, where do the Portuguese obtain their world renowned cod from?
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    The icy ocean waters of Greenland & during the Xmas season when colder, northern Newfoundland ..

    The Vikings taught the Basques, The Italians and the Portuguese how to salt the cod for the long journies over the Atlantic to their ports of call.

    It is documented in The Museum of The Basque Fishermen in Newfoundland and also in Venice.

    This cod was not farmed ..

    Skrei, Norway is an appellation, however, majority of the cod coming from Norway is farmed ..

    This fish breed does not do well in warmer waters ..
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