Recipe Tequila Michelin Cocktail @ Aviary - Chicago

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    Food Designer of Alinea, three Michelin Star Restaurant in Chicago, Grant Achatz is also the owner of Restaurant Next and Restaurant Aviary ..

    Having spent quite a bit of time in Madrid, Spain, here is a Latin & Spanish Tequila Cocktail to warm your inners during the Winter ..

    Prepares 2 - 4 Cocktails ..

    1 Large glass bowl
    1 small blood orange ( eliminate the zest or rind and the White pith ) sliced finely
    Smoked Pimentón from La Vera - Extremadura, Spain ( 1 / 8 teaspoon or it shall be bitter )
    1 small Mango ( scooped out and minced finely and thrown into a big glass bowl )
    1 tiny roasted chili pepper of choice ( The Barman used 1 tiny Poblano ) or one can use 1 Tiny Dry Cayenne horn shaped chili pepper called a Guindilla ..

    Tequila ( according to taste )
    Martini Stemware Glasses
    A barman´s quality shaker

    1) combine all the ingredients together except the Tequila ..
    2) Mix with a stand up mixer or blend in a blender ..
    3) A thick néctar juice is texture desired ..
    4) Throw in a couple of ice cubes into a bar shaker ..
    5) Place the Tequila into a stemware Martini glass ..
    6) Shake the juice in a shaker ..
    7) Pour into the glass with the Tequila and serve with a stirrer .. Stir slightly .. Enjoy !
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