Waterless cookware I bought in local thrift store

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  1. fp-music

    fp-music New Member

    Upper Midwest, USA
    I've never owned nor used waterless cookware. The other day I found in the used pots and pans bin a used, rather heavy/hefty, stainless steel skillet with no lid (but I'm sure it came with a lid when it was brand new).

    It's hard to read the bottom due to all the micro-scratches but I barely see this: "Pluramelt Flavor Seal stainless 18-8". The bottom diameter and the inner floor (where the food sits) are both ~ 7". I thought I'd use my Pyrex glass lid to cover the top of this object when in use.

    How is this used? Just put protein food and vegetables into the skillet and cook away? Is that all there is to this? If this waterless cooking works as a steamer, how is use of such a piece different from a standard stainless steel steaming basket set into a regular pot with water under the basket? Will the food alone provide enough water to make steam when I put on the glass Pyrex lid?

    Does one start out on HIGH on my glass-topped electric stove and then turn the dial down or does one start at the middle cooking "speed" and then go up or down? What's between the metal bottom of the skillet and the metal floor that the food sits on? I don't think there's just air between those 2 surfaces. Is there just various layers of metal between the 2 surfaces?
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I've never come across waterless cookware @fp-music - I'll be interested to hear what other members say about this...
  3. medtran49

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    SE Florida
  4. The Late Night Gourmet

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    Detroit, USA
    Does it look like this (minus the lid)? I found this starting at $9.89 on eBay (plus more for shipping).

  5. fp-music

    fp-music New Member

    Upper Midwest, USA

    Yes, except that what I bought is a skillet so the side isn't so high as in the above pot. I suppose the original lid would be like the one you found.

    There are videos at YouTube about waterless cooking. I have to watch some to see if I can use my new used skillet with my Pyrex glass cover.

    Thanks for looking into this cookware.
  6. Shermie

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    I remember the Salad Master set that used to be advertised on TV when we were kids!! :wink:
  7. Shermie

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    Brighton, MA.
  8. oddduck

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    I inherited my mothers FlavorSeal and was brought up using it. I don't know if your pyrex lid will work like a flavor seal lid as that what makes the low water system work is the vapor buildup between the lid and the pan.
    Now i know it is called waterless but it is really a low heat, low water method of cooking not a no water method of cooking. I very much like the waterless cookware and have a variety of waterless pots besides my mother's flavorseal that i picked up at the thrifts from saladmaster, vitacraft, lustrecraft, loheet, to a couple i cannot find any info on but are for sure waterless cookware as they feel different in hand and have that distinctive rim.
    They are wonderful for cooking vegetables and as a vegetarian i enjoy these kinds of pots. Do i use them to fry eggs? Nope i have a ceramic coated pan for that. But the waterless cookware keep the heat longer than most conventional pans so the food stays warm off the stove and i like cooking with low heat so no spatter while cooking and rarely do i burn something.
    You might be able to find a lid on ebay or etsy for your pot. My mother bought her set in 1953 when she was still in high school and they went thru my three older brothers' abuse while they grew up and then me and my sis while we learned to cook. They are sturdy pans that will last your lifetime.

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