1. detroitdad

    Homemade Wine

  2. F

    Recipe The Venetian Triology: The Bellini, The Rossini & The Tizziano

    My husband and I are in Venice enjoying the incredibly dazzling dynamic enchanting San Marco´s and The Grand Canal .. This evening, we had headed off to the legendary mythic bar of 1930, Harry´s Bar for a triology of cocktails .. The Bellini: 15 cl. Blonde Prosecco 5 cl. Pureed peach Italian...
  3. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Pre Festive Season Hangover Cures Reveals

    So its the run up to the festive season and the usual questions start to be asked... Hangover cures and the usual suspects have their answers, (aka the experts)... The latest in the long line of hangover cures are as follows. the first is hydration and electrolyte balance. drink plenty of...
  4. Slumgullioneer

    Recipe Is Wine a breakfast food? Oh yeah.

    It adds a whole new dimension to your morning eggs! WHITE WINE BASTED EGGS Non stick pan or your favorite non-stick coating. Heat your pan, crack two eggs in without breaking the yolks. White wine of your choice, make a thin layer in the botom, about 3 table spoons. Cover with a lid, cook on...
  5. Dados1950

    Recipe Chicken with Bacon, Mushrooms & White Wine Sauce

    Last night's dinner....Chicken with Bacon, Mushrooms & White Wine Sauce: Ingredients 3 tablespoons unsalted butter Splash of neutral oil 5-6 Chicken Thighs-Bone in with Skin 4 ounces Bacon –chopped ( I used thick cut bacon slices) 2 shallots, finely chopped 4 garlic cloves...
  6. Elawin

    Recipe Chocolate Wine

    This recipe is particularly good as an after-dinner drink, which was when port was often consumed, as well as chocolate. It’s worth serving it in small (espresso or small coffee) cups, as it is very rich. Original recipe John Nott, Cook’s Dictionary, 1726 Take a pint of sherry, or a pint and...
  7. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe A Hot Toddy

    Ideal for when you have a cold or just can't sleep. Ingredients 1/2-1 fresh lemon, squeezed 1 measure of your preferred whisky Hot (but not quite boiling) water Honey, to taste Method In a suitable sized glass (pint sized* if necessary, the more I'll you are the bigger it should be)...
  8. Yorky

    Recipe Atholl Brose

    Ingredients One bottle of Scotch whisky 10 fluid ounces of double cream 450g of clear honey The whites of six large eggs One handful of fine ground oatmeal Method Soak the oatmeal with the Scotch whisky and set aside for 60 minutes Beat the egg whites until they become stiff. Fold the cream...
  9. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Red Wine Hot Chocolate

    Yes, someone has created a recipe for Red Wine Hot Chocolate, Kylie Held Mitchell who writes the Immaeatthat food blog. This is a straight copy and paste from her site after it was featured in the Metro newspaper last week...
  10. Morning Glory

    What was the first alcoholic drink you had?

    I know some here may not have ever drank alcohol, but for those who have or do, what was your first alcoholic drink? I mean the first proper drink (not a sip of Daddy's beer). The first drink I ever had was age 15 and it was VP Sherry. That was because it was cheap, I think and a gang of us...
  11. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Are pomegranates, turmeric, red wine and red grapes the key to long life?
  12. M

    Healthy eating and Wine

    Hi All, What do you think of wine and healthy eating. Can the two compliment each other or would you cut wine out completely? Thanks for sharing your views! Regards, Moncharm
  13. bigboss

    wine cooler is good for any festival

    i bought a Wine Bottle Cooler Stick for $10.99 on amazon and it's fantastic and meets my need. The aerator makes pouring the wine very easy by eliminating any dripping down the side of the bottle, and believe it or not, it actually does make a difference in the taste of the wine. I have been...
  14. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Brewing your own dark ale or stout

    My question is quite simple, how? I don't want pale ale or lager etc, I want stout (not milk stout) and or dark ales. I've never brewed anything before but have reached the very definite conclusion that our new home for the next 3-4 years lacks decent dark ale and stouts which is really all I...
  15. Duck59

    Wine from off the beaten track

    We're used to seeing French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, South African and American (North and South) wine on the shelves of supermarkets and off licences, but what about those myriad other places that produce the juice of the grape? I've been fortunate enough to have visited quite a lot of...
  16. Morning Glory


    I got this for my birthday last November, complete with the special flat spoon thing on which one is supposed (in a ritual) to put the sugar cube and then pour the absinthe through into the glass. The spoon thingy is shown here on the side of the box. Absinthe has quite a reputation for its...
  17. Duck59

    Britain - a nation of coffee and wine drinkers?

    I appreciate that members of this forum come from all around the world, but there's a fair smattering of Brits on here and here's something I found interesting. It's (bear with me, it does get interesting) the Family Expenditure Report from the Office of National Statistics. Well, not all of...
  18. Caribbean girl

    Recipe Egg-nog

    When Christmas is coming around, we think of certain foods and beverages associated with the season. One of these beverages which comes to mind here when Christmas is approaching is egg-nog. This is always a popular drink on Christmas day. I have a family member who likes to make it and serve...
  19. winterybella

    Recipe Whiskey Glazed Carrots

    Ingredients 1 stick Butter, Divided 2 pounds (to 3 Pounds) Carrots, Peeled And Cut Into Thick Circles 1/2 cup Jack Daniels Or Other Whiskey 3/4 cups (to 1 Cup) Brown Sugar 1/2 teaspoon (to 1 Teaspoon) Salt Freshly Ground Pepper, to taste Instructions Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a large skillet...
  20. welsh dragon

    Recipe Irish cream liqueur

    Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, and what better beverage can you have but irish cream liqueur. There is no need to spend a lot of money, when you can make your own. This liqueur will keep for 2 months if kept in the fridge. The Ingredients are: 1 to 1 1/2 cups of whiskey of your...
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