1. Hemulen

    Recipe Curry with pistachios and almonds

    Curry with pistachios and almonds Serves 4 | Preparation & marinating time 1 hour, cooking time 1 hour Ingredients 700-750 g boneless chicken breasts/fillets 300 ml skimmed/light milk Juice of 2 lemons 4 tablespoons macadamia nut oil or evoo 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar 2 tablespoons...
  2. bakedbeans18

    Leftover Almond Meal from Homemade Almond Milk

    Hi there. Recently I've decided to try and make my own almond milk. The process I've found involves soaking almonds, then blending them with water, and straining out the solids. With that in mind, if I dry out the leftover solid almond meal, then can I use it as almond flour? Will it have the...
  3. Hemulen

    Recipe Almond, Lemon & Meringue Pie

    Almond, Lemon & Meringue Pie Serves 8 | Preparation & cooking time 30-40 min Crust ingredients 400 ml (~140 g) almond flakes 100 ml (~100 g) melted, salted butter (or 50/50 butter and macadamia nut oil + a tiny pinch of salt) 100 ml (~50 g) all purpose flour/plain flour 100 ml (100 g)...
  4. Rocket Salad and Almond Pesto.jpg

    Rocket Salad and Almond Pesto.jpg

  5. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Rocket Salad and Almond Pesto

    Non only basil pesto – like for the classic genoese pesto – but most leafy vegetables and aromatic herbs are as well perfect to prepare a delicious one. After all the word ‘pesto’ is the past tense of the Italian verb “pestare” which means “to crush.”, since pesto is typically made by crushing...
  6. Hemulen

    Recipe Sunny Almond Cake

    [Mod.Edit: recipe moved to its own thread as per forum guidelines (MG). Link placed in the Challenge thread] Sunny Almond Cake My cake contains both lemon and orange and gets a twist from crème fraîche or smetana (sour cream). Preparation time: 1,5 hours Serves 6-8 Ingredients 2 tablespoons...
  7. Rosemary-Flavoured Homemade Almond Cream.jpeg

    Rosemary-Flavoured Homemade Almond Cream.jpeg

  8. Morning Glory

    Recipe Chicken Pasanda

    If you order Chicken Pasanda in a UK Indian restaurant, you would expect a mild creamy curry, thickened with almonds. In fact you can make the curry as spicy as you like and it will take quite a lot of chilli because the almonds tend to temper the heat. Here I used black peppercorns as well as...
  9. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Almond Garlic Gnocchi

    I made this so much more difficult than it needed to be, but I’m happy with how it came together. First of all, the lumpiness is not because of the almonds: it's because I decided to use rutabaga, which didn't go through a ricer, and didn't mash up as well as I would have liked. Had I used...
  10. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Semolina Cantucci Toscani with Raisins

    Cantucci are crunchy almond cookies from Tuscany. As in almost all traditional recipes there are always variations just like in this one to which we added raisins and used durum wheat semolina flour. Biscotti literally means ‘cooked twice’ (Bis: twice – Cotti: cooked) and is also the generic...
  11. TastyReuben

    Recipe Puff Paste Almond Cake (Pithiviers)

    PUFF PASTE ALMOND CAKE (PITHIVIERS) Makes 8 servings Ingredients About 2-1/2 pounds (1.1kg) puff paste* Almond Filling: 3/4 cup (120 grams) whole unskinned almonds 1/2 cup (75 grams) confectioner's sugar 1/2 tsp cornstarch 1/2 stick (4 TBsp/56 grams) unsalted butter, softened 1 large egg 1...
  12. medtran49

    Recipe Spicy meatballs with Romesco sauce

    The meatballs can be ground pork or lamb or veal or beef, or a mixture of any or all. A package of the prepared meatloaf mix sold in the grocery would be great for this. We also served this with tzatziki sauce. Meatballs: 1 Tbsp cumin seeds, toasted and finely ground in spice grinder 1 Tbsp...
  13. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Almond Raisin Bars

    This is a pretty simple recipe that's very adaptable to what you might want to add. I used maple syrup, but honey can also be used as a sweetener. I used almond butter, but any nut butter works. One thing I did here that I don't see in many recipes like this was that I toasted the oats and...
  14. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Almond Meal Battered Soft Shelled Crabs

    Got Crabs? Almond Meal Battered Soft Shell Crabs It was soft shell crab season. Crab On Edge THE RECIPE Soft shelled crabs Almond meal, enough to coat 1 egg (optional) Oregano flakes Red pepper flakes to taste Ground pepper Cooking Oil, as below Lime slices If you are doing this for...
  15. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Gluten-Free Muffins with Almond Meal, Squash and Blueberries

    I made this back when I was eating essentially Paleo (no grains) at least as to what I cooked at home. Back in the early 2010's. I was still able to eat pine nuts then. I made these for a bake sale at work. GLUTEN FREE MUFFINS WITH ALMOND MEAL, SQUASH AND BLUEBERRIES 3 cups almond meal...
  16. TastyReuben

    Recipe Cherry-Almond Glazed Ham

    CHERRY-ALMOND GLAZED HAM About 12 servings Ingredients 1 jar (12oz) cherry preserves 1/4 cup vinegar 2 TBsp corn syrup 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp ground cloves 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 1/3 cup slivered almonds 1 boneless fully-cooked ham (3-4 lbs) 3 TBsp water Directions Preheat oven to...
  17. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Creamy Almond Butter

    Creamy Almond Butter Recipe Yields approximately 2 cups of almond butter Ingredients: 2 cups roasted and lightly salted almonds 4 tsp Canola oil or other light oil 1 dash sea salt, if needed 1 pinch sugar, if needed It's super easy to make your own almond butter in a food processor to use...
  18. TastyReuben

    Recipe Almond Deviled Eggs

    ALMOND DEVILED EGGS Makes 12 deviled eggs Instructions 6 hard-cooked eggs 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1/4 tsp garlic salt 3 TBsp finely chopped roasted almonds 12 whole roasted almonds Fresh parsley, minced Directions Slice eggs in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and set whites...
  19. ElizabethB

    Recipe Almond Butter Hummus

    My basic Hummus recipe using Almond Butter instead of Tahini. NOTE: This recipe has been edited. After chilling the Hummus was too thick. I increased the amount of EVOO and cold water. HUMMUS INGREDIENTS 1 cup slivered Almonds 8+ TBSP cold water 3 TBSP + 1 1/2 Tsp. EVOO 1/2 Tsp. ground Cumin...
  20. ElizabethB

    Recipe Almond Crusted Speckled Trout Fillet

    I found a package of slivered almonds in the freezer. I used that for this recipe. INGREDIENTS 4 Speckled Trout (Sea Trout) filet - pat dry (you can use Tilapia, Flounder, River Trout, Cod, any white, flaky fish) For First Dredge 1/2 APF 1 TBSP dried dill 2 Tsp. Sea Salt 1 Tsp. Lemon Zest 1/2...
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