A bun is a small, sometimes sweet, bread-based item or roll. Though they come in many shapes and sizes, they are most commonly hand-sized or smaller, with a round top and flat bottom.
Buns are usually made from flour, sugar, milk, yeast and butter. Common sweet varieties contain small fruit or nuts, and may topped with icing or caramel, or filled with jam or cream. Some types of buns are filled with various meats, or used to serve meats (such as hotdogs or hamburgers).
"Bun" may also refer to particular types of filled dumplings, such as Chinese baozi. Some of these types of dumplings may be bread-like in texture.
A bun is normally made from dough that has been enriched with sugar and butter and sometimes egg. Without any of these, the dough remains to be 'bread dough' rather than 'bun dough'.

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  1. MBCreativeKitchen

    Recipe & Video Kabocha Squash Curry Potato Buns (Vegetarian Japanese Pumpkin Curry Potato Buns)

    Kabocha Squash Curry Potato Buns (Vegetarian Japanese Pumpkin Curry Potato Buns) American Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The time has come to introduce yourself to "Kabocha," a delicious Japanese squash with a flavor that is a sweet mix of sweet potato and pumpkin. If you enjoy savory...
  2. Hemulen

    Recipe Cinnamon buns with juniper berries

    Cinnamon buns with juniper berries Preparation: ~2 hours 6-7 medium-sized buns Buns: 2 dl skimmed, lukewarm milk 11 g active dry yeast or 20-25 g fresh yeast 3/4 teaspoon ground cardamon 6-7 juniper berries, crushed in mortar 1 dl caster sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg (room temperature) 6 dl...
  3. Maritozzo con la panna.jpeg

    Maritozzo con la panna.jpeg

    Roman sweet giant bun filled with whipped cream
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Anchovy and Mushroom Buns

    A savoury version of cinnamon buns using The Lady’s Relish and a butter enriched dough. This recipe makes 8 large or 16 small buns. Ingredients 450g bread flour 7g instant yeast 8g salt 1 tbsp sugar 200ml semi-skimmed milk 50g butter 1 egg 'The Lady’s Relish' as per the recipe here Beaten...
  5. N

    Rock Buns

    Has anyone ever made these? They can also be called rock cakes. I had a recipe once, given to me by a friend, but I lost some of it. It was very easy as it used tub margarine and all the other ingredients were stirred in before the mixture was put on a baking tray in spoonfuls. Most recipes for...
  6. Morning Glory

    Recipe Vegan Cinnamon Buns

    I wasn't sure that this recipe would work. Cinnamon buns are made with enriched bread dough which normally contains an egg. I decided to take a risk and just leave it out. The butter is replaced with Tomor margarine. I have tried before to make croissants with other hard margarines but found...
  7. Herbie

    Recipe Cornish Saffron Buns

    A traditional Cornish recipe. Cornish Saffron Buns: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/313086/Cornish-saffron-buns. Little bit of history: https://www.cornwalls.co.uk/food/saffron_buns.htm More like a scone than a bun, I think.. Ingredients 500g (1lb) strong plain gluten free flour...
  8. Morning Glory

    Recipe Chocolate Cinnamon Buns

    This recipe is based on traditional Swedish cinnamon buns. I did try making them using chocolate rather than cocoa powder but the result was not so pretty and where the melting chocolate oozed out, it burnt slightly. Cocoa is more foolproof and tastes just as chocolatey. Ingredients For the...
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