1. Shermie

    Can dough be frozen?

    I know that it used to be sold that way in the supermarkets for people who don't make their own dough, but I just wondered if it can be frozen at home & used at a later time. :wink:
  2. Yorky

    How long can you comfortably survive without food?

    I like to eat and I like to cook so it is rare that I go a day without food. However, I sometimes do and I don't find it a major problem. (although a couple of beers can stave off the hunger). My wife is completely different. If she doesn't eat at least three or four times a day she suffers...
  3. pinkcherrychef

    What can you use instead of Alcohol?

    Because of religious reasons I never touch alcohol. So cooking with it is a big no no. I see some recipes that I really would like to make, but some ask for white wine,red wine, burban,beer etc. I don't want to cut out flavor so I'm looking for substitutes to use instead. Do any of you have a...
  4. B

    Can you help me find a recipe?

    Im looking to make agglio ollio pizza with olive oil and garlic base,and optional cheese,but i cant seem to find a good recipe anywhere,especially there isnt a single video on you tube for this pizza(strange).
  5. Lullabelle

    Can anyone help me identify this plant

    We saw these beautiful flowers whilst in Kos and wonder if anyone can help identify them. So beautiful and wildlife friendly.
  6. Elawin

    Can you spot the food from its flower?

    Another fun quiz courtesy of the BBC. I got one wrong.
  7. morning glory

    How often do you eat soup?

    I really like soup and I sometimes eat it for my main meal in the evening with bread to dunk. Otherwise I rarely eat it. In a restaurant I will not usually order soup as a first course because I think I might get too full up and not be able to finish the next course. So, how often do you make...
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