chicken soup

  1. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Poached Unlaid Chicken Egg Yolk (Eyerlekh) Chicken Soup

    Below: the soup is simmering. Our chickens were unsexed red broilers, and one turned out to be a hen. We discovered an unlaid whole egg with shell and all, and a bundle of unlaid egg yolks held together by membranes, within her. My assistant was eager for me not to toss these treats out...
  2. PreppedFRESH

    Recipe Old-fashioned Poached Chicken Soup

    At PreppedFRESH, we love cooking with Alliums. So much so, that we love to keep them always at our fingertips, in a prepped and flash-frozen form - so we can dip in whenever we need. To take part in this challenge, we have decided to share our classic chicken soup - because it includes the...
  3. Chicken and Corn Dumplings Soup

    Chicken and Corn Dumplings Soup

    Chicken and Corn Dumplings Soup
  4. flyinglentris

    Recipe Chicken Soup with Corn Dumplings

    Chicken Soup with Corn Dumplings: NOTE: This recipe uses Turmeric & Black Pepper. Ingredients: 1) Chicken Half Breast - 1 2) Chicken Soup Broth or Bouillon - 1 to 2 Tspns. NOTE: For this recipe, Chicken Better Than Bouillon (BTB) was used. 3) Olive Oil - as needed 4) Lemon Juice - as...
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