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  1. flyinglentris

    Recipe Baked Chilli and Paprika Spiced Yam

    Baked Chili and Paprika Spiced Yam: Ingredients: 1) Yam - 1 2) Cayenne pepper sauce - 3 to 4 tspns. 3) Chilli powder - as desired 4) Paprika - as desired 5) Sun dried tomato, julienne cut - 3 to 4 tblspns. Procedure: 1) Cut the Yam in half, lengthwise. 2) Cover a baking sheet with...
  2. murphyscreek

    Recipe & Video Chilli Chocolate and Orange Kulfi

    This is definitely one for an adult palate....i.e. not for sweet tooths!! Hahaha... Recipe Ingredients 3 cups full cream milk 1 cup thick pouring cream 1/4 cup full cream milk powder 2 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp chilli powder 50 gms 85% dark chocolate 1 tsp vanilla essence Zest of 1 orange...
  3. rascal

    New chillies I'm trying

    My wife buys seeds from fire dragon chillies, these have just arrived , 7 pot brainstorm and 7pot Jonah. I will start as winter draws near in mini greenhouses. Has anyone heard of or grow these? Supposed to be mega hot I'm told. Fire dragon chillies are on faeces book and you tube. I have only...
  4. TastyReuben

    Recipe Chili-Cheese Balls

    CHILI-CHEESE BALLS Makes about 6 dozen appetizers Ingredients 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese (8oz) 1 cup AP flour 1/2 cup butter, softened 1/2 tsp salt 1 can (4oz) chopped green chilies, well drained Directions Heat oven to 375F. Mix all ingredients. Shape into 3/4-inch balls. Place about 2...
  5. caseydog

    Recipe Yorky Porkie Thai Chili Burgers

    This burger was inspired by our resident "Burger King," Yorky. It is NOT a copy of a Yorky pork burger. It is my interpretation. The patty is ground pork, with diced shallot, garlic and sliced Thai chilis -- mixed into the meat, and rested overnight in the fridge. Instead of ketchup, I made a...
  6. rascal

    Chilly question?

    My wife picks chillies when she gets home at night, we have two greenhouses and numerous outside ones, she normally cuts the top green stem off and freezes the rest of the chilly. So she did exactly what she does every night while I made nachos which I served up. So she started eating nachos...
  7. flyinglentris

    Recipe Beef Achiote Chilli

    Beef Achiote Chilli: NOTE: This chilli is without beans and uses achiote paste as a potent flavoring. Ingredients: 1) Stewing beef cubes - 1 cup 2) Anaheim Pepper - 1 3) Tomato - 1 4) Sweet Onion - 1/4 5) Habanero Salsa - 3 tblspns. 5) Achiote paste - 3 tblspns. 6) Chilli Powder - 2 to 3...
  8. Beef Achiote Chilli

    Beef Achiote Chilli

    Beef Achiote Chilli
  9. Hemulen

    Recipe Pea sprout & feta soup

    Pea sprout & feta soup Serves 2-3 | Preparation & cooking time 30 min This soup - topped with oven-cooked asparagus and bacon - doesn’t resemble much its inspirer, Crème Ninon. The taste of mixed pea sprouts and feta resembles asparagus, so the cut stalks mainly add some crunch and texture...
  10. Hemulen

    Recipe Savoury meat stew

    Savoury meat stew Serves 3-4 | Preparation 20-30 min, cooking time 2 hours Ingredients ✧ 15 g (0.53 oz/0.13 sticks) butter ✧ 9-10 cloves of garlic ✧ peel of 2 clementines (or mandarins/tangerines) ✧ 700-750 g (1.5-1.7 lb) beef (roast/rump) ✧ 1 teaspoon caster sugar ✧ 0.5 teaspoon (Gochugaru)...
  11. Hemulen

    Recipe Spicy Sugar Peas

    Spicy Sugar Peas Serves 2 |Preparation & cooking time 15-20 min Ingredients ✧ 1 tablespoon sunflower or canola oil ✧ 6 cloves of garlic ✧ 1 medium-sized yellow/brown onion ✧ 300 g (10.6 oz/~900 ml/3.8 cups) mangetouts/snow peas/sugar peas ✧ 1/2 teaspoon dried coltsfoot (can be substituted...
  12. Morning Glory

    Recipe Chicken Dopiaza

    Dopiaza means 'onions twice' (from Hindi do ‘two’ + pyāz ‘onion’). There are many different versions of this dish with varying amounts of onion. The thing I like about dopiaza is that the second layer of onions adds a sweetness and texture to the base sauce. Its generally a medium hot dish when...
  13. Chicken, Bacon and Pearl Onion Chilli

    Chicken, Bacon and Pearl Onion Chilli

    Chicken, Bacon and Pearl Onion Chilli
  14. Hemulen

    Recipe Tomato and Pepper Puree Soup

    Tomato and Pepper Puree Soup _ Serves 4 | Preparation 35-40 minutes Ingredients 1 kg (~970 ml) mini plum or cherry tomatoes 4 (long) red peppers 7-8 tablespoons evoo 1000 ml water 4-5 cloves of garlic (3-4 teaspoons of minced garlic) 1-2 fresh chil(l)ies (2-3 teaspoons of minced chili) Zest of...
  15. Morning Glory

    Recipe Lamb cooked in yoghurt and turmeric.

    This is a rather rich creamy tasting dish. Fresh turmeric has a wonderfully subtle fragrant flavour which infuses into the lamb. The tangy mango powder offsets the richness of the sauce. If you can’t obtain mango powder you could use tamarind paste (adjust the amount, to taste). Ingredients...
  16. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Jackfruit Chili

    This could very easily have been a vegan recipe. All I would have had to do was replace the bacon grease with oil, and the beef stock with vegetable stock. But, as I often do, I used what I had on hand. I have had recipes with jackfruit before, and I know it can be made to do a very good...
  17. Morning Glory

    Recipe Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce

    Spanish Romesco sauce is traditionally made with dried ñora chilli peppers. I substituted dried aji amarillo and habanero chillies but any dried smoky flavoured chillies could be used. In Spain romesco sauce is often served as a dipping sauce with grilled vegetables. It’s especially popular...
  18. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Chilli Dark Chocolate Cake

    What’s better than a chocolate cake? Well, a chilli chocolate cake, better then if chocolate is the dark one. Just a pinch of chili pepper, it has to be only slightly tantalising, without overdoing. Spices in general should help the taste to enhance, not overwhelming it. You need 20 cm cake...
  19. Chilli Dark Chocolate Cake.jpeg

    Chilli Dark Chocolate Cake.jpeg

  20. Yorky

    Recipe Pork Chilli Burger.

    Ingredients. 400 gms Pork, coarsely minced 2 Eggs 1 Onion, minced (200 gms) 4 Garlic cloves, minced (30 gms) 6 Small red chillies, chopped (to taste) ½ tsp Dried sage 4 tblsp Breadcrumbs Salt Black pepper Method. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or in a food processor. Refrigerate for at...
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