Cookware and bakeware are food preparation vessels used in kitchens. Cookware is used on a stove or range cooktop, while bakeware is used in an oven. Some utensils are considered both cookware and bakeware.
There is a great variety of cookware and bakeware in shape, material, and inside surface. Some materials conduct heat well; some retain heat well. Some surfaces are non-stick; some require seasoning.
Some pots and their lids have handles or knobs made of low thermal conductance materials such as bakelite, plastic or wood, which make them easy to pick up without oven gloves.
A good cooking pot design has an "overcook edge" which is what the lid lies on. The lid has a dripping edge that prevents condensation fluid from dripping off when handling the lid (taking it off and holding it 45°) or putting it down.

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  1. flyinglentris

    Cookware (Pots, Pans, Griddles, etc.)

    A long time ago, I bought my first cookware set, a T-Fal set that is for stove top only. This T-Fal set does not work on induction cook tops and includes a 5 qt. Dutch oven pot, a 10" frying pan, 7.5" frying pan, 10.25" griddle pan, a 2 qt. sauce pan and a 1 qt. sauce pan. I hardly ever use...
  2. Induction Cookware

    Induction Cookware

    Induction Cookware
  3. Stove Top Cookware

    Stove Top Cookware

    Stove Top Cookware
  4. Renatanobrega

    Travelling and buying cookware

    I searched around but i couldn't find anything about buying typical cookware when travelling. So i was wondering if you guys have any tips? I have a list of things i should buy when i travel to some destinations, but I'm always wondering what I'm forgetting to add.
  5. flyinglentris

    Microwave and Oven Safe Glass Storage Bowls

    I have invested in some glass storage bowls which double as cookware, since they are microwave and oven safe. I only know of two brands that provide these items, Pyrex and Anchor Hocking. There may be others.
  6. Microwaveable Storage Containers

    Microwaveable Storage Containers

    Microwaveable Storage Containers
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