1. Sausage Egg Cheese Croissant

    Sausage Egg Cheese Croissant

    Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg Cheese Breakfast Croissant
  2. Hemulen

    Recipe Pistachio-Filled Croissants

    Pistachio-Filled Croissants 6-8 pastries | Preparation & baking time 25 min This entry was inspired by e.g. TastyReuben's pistachio and cherry scones, almond paste filled Danish pastries and lemons which I love. Ingredients 240-250 g readymade puff pastry 50 g (60-80 ml) coarsely ground...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Butter Croissants

    I don't very often post recipes from other people. But having tried for many years to make croissants (with limited success), I eventually tried this recipe from celebrity baker Paul Hollywood. I've made croissants several times using this recipe and it always works. I follow it to the letter...
  4. Morning Glory


    Have any of you made croissants? I made them once or twice a very long time ago (with mixed results) but encouraged by the success of the Swedish Cinnamon Buns, I'm thinking I will have another attempt. I'd like to hear your experiences... is it really worth the effort?
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