1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Dynamic pricing could change the fast food industry

    This article shows that Wendy's is going to begin adjusting product pricing according to the time of day: There was some fear that this meant they would increase the price during busy...
  2. K

    How do restaurants prepare meals in a shorter time than at home?

    How do restaurants prepare complex foods / recipes in a much shorter time than it usually takes at home? I take this food as an example: View: I had kept chopped onion, cut tomato pieces, cashew milk, marinated chicken etc. ready before I turned on the stove. But...
  3. R

    Half leg lamb roast fast or slow

    Hi chaps, a bit of a treat for us in these testing times, we bought a half leg of lamb for easter, in the past I’ve slow cooked and ended up with nice flavourfull gravy and ‘dull’ meat or fast and ended up with chewy meat. A search on the internet seems split, I just wondered what you’re...
  4. Hemulen

    Recipe Speedy Meat Sauce

    Speedy Meat Sauce Serves 6-8 | Preparation & Cooking time ~30 min This is a quick and filling meat sauce with cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes and dried onion, garlic and herbs to be served with pasta (or any other accompaniment). Ingredients / Tomatoes, Nuts and Spice-Oil Mix ✧ 900 ml (~3.5...
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