fregula (pasta)

Fregula is a type of pasta from Sardinia typically made of semolina dough
Fregula (often wrongly Italianized as fregola) is a type of pasta from Sardinia. It is similar to North African Berkoukes and Middle Eastern Moghrabieh. Fregula comes in varying sizes, but typically consists of semolina dough that has been rolled into balls 2–3 mm in diameter and toasted in an oven.A typical preparation of fregula is to simmer it in a tomato-based sauce with clams.

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  1. Sardinian Fregula with Clams.jpeg

    Sardinian Fregula with Clams.jpeg

  2. Sardinian Fregula .jpeg

    Sardinian Fregula .jpeg

  3. Sardinian fregola with asparagus and potatoes

    Sardinian fregola with asparagus and potatoes

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    Recipe Fregola with clams/Sardinian dish

    Fregola is a typical Sardinian semolina's pasta. Serves 2 , Preparation time 1 hour (if use fresh clams) and 20 minutes, Cooking time 30 minutes 180 g. of Fregola 500 g. of small fresh clams (you can also use frozen clams) 1 lt. of fish stock made by some broth fishes (or use clams cooking...
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