1. Dapur Cuan

    Recipe Nasi Uduk (Indonesian Coconut Rice)

    Nasi Uduk or coconut rice is a famous street food dish popular among Indonesians as breakfast or dinner. Mark Wiens, a world renowned food vlogger, had this dish when he was in Jakarta. Legend has it, Nasi Uduk was adapted from fragrant rice dishes brought by international traders from the...
  2. flyinglentris

    Recipe Spice Islands Mash and Coulis

    Spice Islands Mash and Coulis: NOTE: Spice Islands mash is is a spice sauce preparation which can be later used to flavor food of many types. Spice Islands coulis is a spice coulis for similar applications. Ingredients: 1) Shallot - 1/2 to 1 2) Garlic - 1/8 cup 3) Thai chillies - 4 to...
  3. Chopped Galangal

    Chopped Galangal

    Chopped Galangal
  4. Sliced Galangal

    Sliced Galangal

    Sliced Galangal
  5. flyinglentris

    Galangal for Spice Island and Southeast Asian Cooking

    I got my galangal root today and am not ready to create what I will call Spice Island Mash and possibly a spice coulis - if there is such a thing.
  6. Dry Galangal Root

    Dry Galangal Root

    Dry Galangal Root
  7. Windigo

    Recipe Indonesian Beef rendang by the Hairy Bikers

    This picture is cropped from another, probably not the best. But the full picture is visible in the thread What did you cook or eat today (March 2020)? post 189. Ingredients: 2 lemongrass stalks, dry outer leaves removed, roughly chopped 3 medium-sized red onions, quartered 6 garlic cloves...
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