1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Sherry berry gelato

    No ice-cream machine? No problem. This is a two step recipe: mix all the ingredients together then freeze. The alcohol prevents ice crystals forming in the cream. I used two mini loaf tins to make enough for two to three portions. You could easily scale this recipe up for more. Ingredients...
  2. Choco-hazelnut Gelato.jpeg

    Choco-hazelnut Gelato.jpeg

  3. Choco-hazelnut Gelato.jpeg

    Choco-hazelnut Gelato.jpeg

  4. Oreo ice-cream.jpeg

    Oreo ice-cream.jpeg

  5. Chocolate and Yoghurt Gelato.jpeg

    Chocolate and Yoghurt Gelato.jpeg

  6. Gelato!.jpeg


  7. Italian Gelateria.jpeg

    Italian Gelateria.jpeg

  8. Italian gelateria.jpeg

    Italian gelateria.jpeg

  9. Gelato Artigianale.jpeg

    Gelato Artigianale.jpeg

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