gingerbread cake

  1. Windigo

    Recipe Pumpkin spiced apple & pear crumble with smashed gingerbread

    I wanted to use up some ripe apples and pears, and am slowly getting into the holiday spirit. So I decided to use some gingerbread biscuits in my crumble! Ingredients for 4 portions: - 2 baking apples (slightly tart) -2 ripe pears -100 g caster sugar - 80 g gingerbread men, smashed to a fine...
  2. Elawin

    Recipe Everyday Gingerbread

    This is a classic (and my favourite!) gingerbread recipe, taken from a 1973 cookery book called "The Best of Good Housekeeping". I usually make double the amount just before Christmas, slice it up and put it in the freezer. A third will go to my daughter's when I visit at Christmas time. The...
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