ground fish

Demersal fish, also known as groundfish, live and feed on or near the bottom of seas or lakes (the demersal zone). They occupy the sea floors and lake beds, which usually consist of mud, sand, gravel or rocks. In coastal waters they are found on or near the continental shelf, and in deep waters they are found on or near the continental slope or along the continental rise. They are not generally found in the deepest waters, such as abyssal depths or on the abyssal plain, but they can be found around seamounts and islands. The word demersal comes from the Latin demergere, which means to sink.
Demersal fish are bottom feeders. They can be contrasted with pelagic fish which live and feed away from the bottom in the open water column.
Demersal fish fillets contain little fish oil (one to four percent), whereas pelagic fish can contain up to 30 percent.

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    Recipe Catfish Burger and Salmon Burger

    I have to admit, I felt pretty cocky with my meat grinding prowess before I made these. The grind was perfect, and I figured I would be able to make these like hamburgers. I was wrong. Ground fish starts to get mushy, even at refrigerator temps. I decided to re-freeze the meat after forming the...
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