1. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Hawaiian Pizza with Canadian Bacon

    :chef: Ingredients Store bought 16" thin pizza crust (being lazy...) 1 can of no-salt added organic tomato sauce 1 cup of Red Onions (minced) 2 tbsp of Olive Oil 1 tbsp of Oregano 1 tbsp of Crushed Red Peppers 1-1/2 cups of Feta cheese crumbles 1 lbs of mozzarella cheese 12 slices of Canadian...
  2. cupcakechef

    Recipe Easiest Kalua Pork Recipe

    My husband spent time in Hawaii for grad school and fell in love with Hawaii's Kalua pork. It's basically just pork cooked underground and shredded - it has a very smokey delicious taste. To make it at home, we get about a 4 pound piece of pork shoulder, then just one tablespoon of liquid smoke...
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