1. P

    How to filter tartrate crystals from frozen wine?

    Since I live alone but I like to have a nice glass of wine once in awhile I'm always faced with the problem of what to do with what I don't drink. My usual solution is to freeze it in a separate container so I can either use it for cooking later, or even drink it in the future. Wine...
  2. dvlpacheco

    How to message a mod as a newbie

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and am curious, is there any way to message a mod? Since I'm new I don't yet have the rights to private message anyone. There's something I would like to post but I want to run it past a mod first to check if it is allowed since I'm not sure. Thanks.
  3. A

    How much is a knob of butter

    I have this recipe for mushroom and asparagus risotto. How much is a knob of butter in grams? Similarly, how much is a bunch of chives? Mushroom and asparagus risotto Ingredients 1 tbsp oil 1 large brown onion, chopped 1 large garlic clove, crushed 275g/9¾oz risotto rice 100ml/3½fl oz...
  4. rascal

    Avocados how to freeze ??

    My wife said you can freeze these, I don't know much about them and have only been eating them in the last few years. I didn't grow up with them I only know because my daughter loves them. At one point here they were $7 ea and were also being stolen from orchards for the black market. How do...
  5. GadgetGuy

    How many of you wash your knives in the dishwasher?

    I was told not to, because the extremely hot water & maybe the detergent also, can make them dull!! How many of you heard this? I usually wash them by hand with a drop of detergent in warm water when I'm done using them. Do any of you believe this, or do you think that it's just a bunch of...
  6. Flawed

    Recipe How to make Lap Cheong

    Lap Cheong is one of the oldest known cured sausages (dating back to 580 BC – but is still not the oldest!) and is very popular is the southern regions of China like Fujian and Guangdong, as well as Hong Kong and typically made in the winter when the outside conditions are right. Houses hanging...
  7. Flawed

    Recipe & Video How to make and use Guanciale at home - a collaboration from CookingBites members

    A Brief History here: I'm a relative newbie here, but am an experienced and passionate home charcuterie maker here in the UK and recently crossed paths with a veteran member MypinchofItaly where we were discussing the use of guanciale - this is one of the first and most easy things you can make...
  8. Flawed

    Recipe & Video How to make Fuet - A dry cured sausage from Catalonia

    Thought you might be interested in my latest guide and video as I attempt to lure more of you into trying some homemade charcuterie ) : How to make Fuet. As with all my tutorials I do try to explain process as well as the traditional side & history. Fuet (pronounced ‘foo-ett’) is a dry...
  9. M

    How to make a low calorie cookie -- with panade?

    When I was a kid there was a show called Remington Steel. In one episode, the man who created the calorie-free chocolate chip cookie was murdered, and all these years later I still think about that cookie. It's the Holy Grail, for me, anyway. The other day I had some extra "de-watered" yogurt...
  10. M

    File size limits? How large can our photos be?

    I don't know where to put this. There is one topic that kinda touches on this topic, but it's unresolved. I've just tried to upload a pic and was told it's too big. I reduced it to 500kb and it's still too big. I read in another thread that when we upload there's a bar telling us how much...
  11. M

    How would you "American-ize" a dish?

    I'm making a YouTube video this week on Oyakodon (oya = parent, ko= child, don=rice bowl) or Chicken and Egg over rice. I made (and ate) five today. As I was doing it, I wondered how I could change it to make it "American" but still keep the concept: Boiling/Poaching meat with egg and serving it...
  12. mjd

    You’ve Been Putting Garbage Bags in the Wrong Way—Here’s How

    Can you imagine how amazingly problem-free your life must be for this to be a concern? Nope, me either! ;-) You’ve Been Putting Garbage Bags in the Wrong Way—Here’s How You've Been Putting Garbage Bags in the Wrong Way—Here's How
  13. Flawed

    Recipe & Video How to make a traditional Pitina

    Thought you might be interested in my guide on how to make a Pitina. If you have never tried to make your own salami or salume or cured meat and fish this is an easy peasy starter recipe that requires no specialist equipment and no casings/intestines. In short, it's a cured meatball you can dry...
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