1. T

    Ramekin upside down jam sponge?

    I need some recipes for ramekin cake recipes. Specifically a jam upside pudding. (got jam I need to use up) I don't like making big puddings because it's really only me and the wife eats them and I prefer to cook fresh individual recipes. In addition, I can't get hold of baking powder, so I...
  2. Saranak

    Recipe Olive, fig an grape Jam.

    Ciao a tutti, This very easy an is from my nonna, I cannot make as can not find ingredient I need but may be some can find. This beautiful with nice toast an cheese. You Need - 243 g. dry figs, fine chopped. 4 tablespoon olive oil. ½ onion, thin sliced. 1 shallot, puree. 1 tablespoon dark...
  3. oliviamas

    Jam and Jelly

    What is the difference between jam and jelly?
  4. rascal

    Do you make jams, jellies or coulis?

    Any of the above, I'm picking strawberries and raspberries as it's the start of summer here. Wife increased our raspberry canes as my home made jams and coulis were so popular last year. Yesterday I picked 10 strawberries and 30 raspberries. I freeze these until I get 500gms then I make either...
  5. Porridge and Blueberry & Lemon Jam

    Porridge and Blueberry & Lemon Jam

  6. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Red Chicory (Radicchio) Jam

    Serves 3-4 | Preparation time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 1 h Red chicory: 400 g Brown sugar: 200 g Cloves: 1 Method Rinse the chicory under cold running water and use some kitchen paper to dry it carefully. Cut the chicory in thin strips. Place the chicory in a pot, add the sugar and the...
  7. Morning Glory

    Cherry Jam

    Cherries from the tree in garden - only one small jar made... My cheat to make it taste extra special: add a tablespoon of the syrup from Opies cocktail cherries to the jam mix at the end of cooking.
  8. rascal

    Strawberry jam....again

    So I'm still picking about 8 decent size berries every day and freezing. The heat here in summer took a toll on the fruit. Last year I picked 9 kgs. This year I've picked only 2 kg. It's raining here so no pickling today but I've got enough to make jam tomorrow. My grandkids love it. Russ
  9. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Chilli Jam

    Chilli Jam is a new one on me but it seems to be surprisingly common in Australia. Have you come across it? Do you like it ? I know first time I tried it I was unsure on it, but now I love it. Hubby is the same. But it's definitely one where you need to know how strong you like it . Luckily we...
  10. Morning Glory

    What is your favourite jam/conserve?

    Here I'm meaning sweet jam - the sort you spread on bread or perhaps use in a dessert or in a sandwich cake. I think in the US its called jelly sometimes. What is your favourite? I tend to vary but at at the moment I have a liking for plum jam. Its that lovely tartness. Strawberry, I think...
  11. M

    Jam and marmalades recipes with resting periods

    Hi, as the title of the thread says, some jam or marmalade recipes require that the preparation rests until chilled after being cooked at around 70-80C for two hours, and this process is repeated even for 3 or 4 times. Does someone know the theoretical or practical background of this process...
  12. Elawin

    Recipe Brussels Sprouts, Chilli and Thyme Jam

    One of the large baking brands companies in the UK (The Silver Spoon Company) has published a recipe for this jam Has anyone made it, and what did they think of it? Or have you used any other unconventional ingredients to make jam? Ingredients 500g Brussels sprouts (trimmed and washed) 1 Red...
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