kalonji/black onion seeds/nigella

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    Accessing the flavour of Nigella seeds

    I have these recipes and would like to try them with Nigella seeds. When I experiment with my morning porridge with water I get no flavour. Should they be ground? Should they be roasted dry or fried in oil? If so, for how long and at what temperature? I've seen recipes saying to toast them...
  2. Morning Glory

    Recipe Bengali style cabbage with kalonji

    Kalonji seeds really work their magic here. Their smoky earthy flavour contrasts beautifully with the sulphurous cabbage. Serve along with other curry dishes and rice or naan bread or as an individual dish topped with a fried egg. Add more chilli for a spicier result. I also used some chopped...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Mustard Seed, Kalonji and Black Pepper Potatoes

    This Indian inspired dish is a good way to use up left-over potatoes. Its spicy and nutty tasting with a whisper of heat from the mustard seeds and black pepper. The great thing is that the potatoes are good served hot as a side dish or warm/cold as a salad. Plus, its an easy and fast dish to...
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