1. Morning Glory

    How clean is your kitchen?

    Time to 'fess up if you (like me) do the minimum to get by. Time to feel smug if your kitchen is spotless - or perhaps time to admit you are an OCD cleaner. I cleaned the exterior of my kitchen cupboards and the kitchen tiles a few days ago. I think the last time I did that was... well to be...
  2. Morning Glory

    What do you love or hate about your kitchen?

    I don't really like my my kitchen at all. Its too small, its dark and there simply isn't enough space. I had a new kitchen installed a few years ago and did the best I could with the space. What I do like is the pull out larder which holds lots and heaves with stacks of stuff given its narrow...
  3. B

    Small kitchens

    Hi all, How do you cope with limited counter space to prep meals that require a lot of work? I recently decided to expand my recipe knowledge but feel so cramped in my kitchen...any suggestions?
  4. Morning Glory

    My ideal kitchen style

    If only I could have my dream kitchen. My ideal kitchen would look like a laboratory with completely clear uncluttered counter and masses of storage space with pull-out larders and deep drawers instead of cupboards (I do have some deep pull-out drawers and they're super for storing saucepans...
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