1. Yorky

    Thai fruits (previously Purple Mangosteen)

    Mangosteen - มังคุด [mang-khud].
  2. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Schizophrenia alternative treatment could be found in tropical fruit mangosteen

    Mangosteen has long been used in traditional medicine in South-East Asia, and now Australian researchers hope to prove that its antioxidants could ease psychosis and other symptoms. Present day medication for schizophrenia can have some unpleasant side effects, and researchers are hoping that...
  3. Duck59

    Exotic fruits

    I'd be interested to know what sort of tropical fruits people have come across on their travels. I always marvel at the sheer variety that one can discover. I'll give a few examples. A visit to Sri Lanka introduced me to pink bananas, mangosteens and wood apples. Spending a couple of years...
  4. nutmegprincess


    Do you eat mangosteens? I found some sold very cheaply in front of our office today. I bought around 5 pieces, and I ate them all already. You just eat the white part, and it tastes somehow sour. Mangosteens are very healthy, too. Some of their health benefits include: Antioxidant Low calorie...
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