1. mjd

    Dishes & Beverages you made from tv shows and/or movies

    murphyscreek post regarding a drink (Gibson) that he tried because he saw it in the show "Queen's Gambit". Recipe & Video - The Gibson.... I loved the scene in "Breaking Bad" when Gus Fring makes a Chilean Fish Stew. Found it here... Paila Marina – Gus Fring’s Chilean Fish Stew – Bakin' Bit I...
  2. caseydog

    Cooking Movies

    I did a search, and could not find this topic. I find it hard to believe nobody else has suggested this. Great cooking movies. 1. Julie and Julia. View: 2. Chef View: 3. Ratatouille View...
  3. Lullabelle

    In flight movies

    With us going long-haul for our holiday there was plenty of choice regarding entertainment. However, we both commented on the amount of violent films, I know they were made for cinema and have been watched by many. A lot of passengers were watching these films and I find it difficult to...
  4. flyinglentris

    Favorite Movies

    I found an old thread on this theme, but decided to start a new one asking the question - What are your favorite movies? Give genre, if you can and include your favorite foreign language movies too. Some of mine? The Naked Prey Drama Always Drama/Romance THX-1138...
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