1. Shermie

    New JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker!

    Got this cute little speaker from Amazon. After trying Bluetooth speakers that just wouldn't work with the smartphone, I decided to get this one. incredible sound!! Easy to set up!! Very loud to be so small!! :whistling:
  2. caseydog

    Attention Pepperheads, new from Bonnie and Puckerbutt...

    I get all of my herb and pepper plants from Bonnie, and have done so for at least 20 years. Their plants are excellent. They have teamed up with "Smokin' Ed" Curry at Puckerbutt, inventor of THE Guinness Book of World Records hottest peppers, the Carolina Reaper and PepperX, to offer four of...
  3. mjd

    The New Shortage: Ketchup Can’t Catch Up

    The New Shortage: Ketchup Can’t Catch Up Supply chain problems are reaching into a far corner of the business universe: Ketchup packets. After enduring a year of closures, employee safety fears and start-stop openings, many American restaurants are now facing a nationwide ketchup shortage...
  4. Niftymagpie123

    Hello Cooking Bite Foodies community : )

    Hello fellow cooking & foodie lovers : ) I'm very happy to have found a very nice cooking & food loving community I just joined today very happy to have found you all : ) I'm from Cambridgeshire, England UK. I look fwd to posting & hanging out with y'all cheers : ) Kindest loving regards💗...
  5. T

    Research Survey for New Cooking Assistant Tablet: 'Sous-Chef PRO'

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well and safe. I am conducting some research to support a report I am writing about a new concept idea I have come up with for the world of cooking; 'Sous-Chef PRO'. The Sous-Chef PRO is a smart electronic tablet like device that is a cooking timer, recipe book...
  6. flyinglentris

    Happy Lunar New Year 2021

    The new Lunar Year, 2021, is the Year of the Metal Ox, a hard working Fen Shui animal that signifies much in the way of movement.
  7. flyinglentris

    Never done that before recipes

    For the novice Cook, the mediocre Cook and the Amateur Cook, Never Done That Before Recipes represent a long list, much of which is off the map, but will eventually turn up. This is not to claim that established long term Cooks and Professional Cooks do not explore their own Never Done That...
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