1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Sweet potato polenta with braised mushrooms & onions

    Sweet potato turns polenta a gorgeous saffron yellow colour. Here, the sweetness of the potato is offset by the use of tangy milk whey (you can substitute buttermilk) and sharp parmesan. A drizzle of balsamic reduction adds a complexity to the mushrooms and onions. The balsamic reduction will...
  2. Onion Rings

    Onion Rings

    Onion Rings
  3. medtran49

    Recipe Cheddar, Apple and Onion Grilled Sandwiches

    Makes 3 sandwiches 1/2 of a large onion, sliced in 1/4 inch slices 1 apple, Granny Smith or Honey crisp, to your taste, cored and sliced in 1/4 inch thick matchsticks 1/2 Tbsp unsalted butter plus more to grill sandwiches salt and pepper 4 ounces sharp cheddar, grated, divided into 3 equal...
  4. medtran49

    Recipe Cheddar and Broccoli Stem soup

    Serves 2, maybe 3 It's vegetarian as long as you use vegetable stock. This soup breaks very easily when you try to reheat, so don't make ahead or expect to have pretty leftovers, though it still tasted good. 1/2 Tbsp + 2 Tbsp unsalted butter, divided 1/2 of a large onion, 1/4 inch diced 1...
  5. Timenspace

    Recipe Red Lentils Cheddar Dahl

    This recipe served as educational basis, as it was my first ever Dahl. Red Lentil Dahl (Easy Indian Recipe) - Bianca Zapatka | Recipes I did vary though. it is so easy to prepare, and makes a wonderful entry dish, or an afternoon snack, with some toasted bread, or naan or biscuits or crackers...
  6. Sweet Yellow Onions

    Sweet Yellow Onions

    Sweet Yellow Onions
  7. mjd

    Onions (cutting)

    It only took me 800 years to run across this gem! LOL Wow! did you know the reason you ‘cry’ when you chop onions, is that the chemical in the onion is attracted to the nearest source of water (which is usually the eyes). If you place a wet paper towel next to your chopping board, the onion...
  8. Timenspace

    Recipe Cebolla Quinoa Filling Appetizers

    Ingredients: black quinoa (about 100 g) onion ( 1 medium or half a large, if you like, you could use a whole large onion) garlic (2 cloves) bay leave (1) sultanas (handful, 70 g) salt (to taste) brown sugar (1 teaspoon) ground coriander (1 teaspoon) butter (70 g) lemon (to squeeze some juice...
  9. Baked onions with aromatic herbs.jpg

    Baked onions with aromatic herbs.jpg

  10. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Baked Onions with Aromatic Herbs

    Serves 4, Preparation 20 mins, Cooking about 25 mins 10 White onions medium-size Fresh rosemary, a sprig Fresh sage leaves, about 3-4 Fresh thyme, 2 sprigs Marjoram, a sprig Fresh mint leaves, 2-3 2 bay leaves 1 peeled garlic clove, to mince a handful of grated Pecorino cheese – Parmigiano as...
  11. Pearl Onions

    Pearl Onions

    Pearl Onions
  12. Baked Onion with Aromatic Herbs.jpeg

    Baked Onion with Aromatic Herbs.jpeg

  13. Baked Onion with Aromatic Herbs.jpeg

    Baked Onion with Aromatic Herbs.jpeg

  14. C

    mushroom & onions "compote" for beef steak

    disclosure: I like mushrooms - all/any kind I like onions/leeks/scallions - red, sweet, yellow - any&all kinds. so: making an accompaniment for beef/pork steak/roast.... I do saute mushrooms to half soft, season with salt&pepper, add onions and continue saute until totally wilted, season...
  15. caseydog

    Recipe Mushroom Swiss Onion Bagel Burger

    Mushroom Swiss Onion Bagel Burger The ingredients list is for one burger. Multiply it for how many burgers you need. Ground Beef -- 80/20 Chuck recommended Swiss Cheese Button Mushrooms Butter Onion Bagel SPG (salt, pepper and granulated garlic) Form your ground beef into a 4oz patty/patties...
  16. Windigo

    Recipe Chicken in Somerset (cider) sauce

    A delicious dish for any occasion where you want hearty, warming flavors with a stick to your rib quality. It's my tweaked version of a Hairy Bikers recipe, but decidedly different from the original in choices of spices and herbs. Ingredients 4 boneless chicken breasts salt and freshly...
  17. Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

    Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

  18. Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

    Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

  19. Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

    Bacon-Wrapped Onions.jpeg

  20. Fennel, Onion and Celery Soup.jpeg

    Fennel, Onion and Celery Soup.jpeg

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