1. epicuric


    During my recent trip to BBC Good Food Live I picked up these: Whilst I do grind black pepper onto many things, I have never experienced pepper like this. I sampled all three at the show, and was amazed at the different flavours. Apparently, pepper works as a mild irritant to the mouth and...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Pepper Jelly

    Please note that I'm not misplacing this. If you've ever made a pepper jelly, you'll know it's not really a dessert. It makes a fantastic topping to meats, or it can be enjoyed on a cracker if you want to clear your sinuses. I made a serrano pepper jelly using the same basic recipe I used in...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Aubergine, Potato and Feta Bake

    This is quite a versatile bake - you could add anchovies and leave out the feta, for example. Or you could use different cheeses. You could even add layers of (cooked) minced beef or lamb. You could use fresh tomatoes instead of tinned. I served it as a main course with a green salad. But it...
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