1. Griddled Lamb served with fried potatoes.jpeg

    Griddled Lamb served with fried potatoes.jpeg

  2. Griddled Lamb served with fried potatoes.jpeg

    Griddled Lamb served with fried potatoes.jpeg

  3. rascal

    Potatoes glut??

    News here is saying Europe has a potato glut and will be flooding Australia and New Zealand. I'm talking dirt cheap compared to local growers.,I buy mine from a potato farmer and it's an honesty box. We had fries last night, the wife said there's frozen in the freezer, I said I'm doing my own...
  4. M

    How to make crispy sweet potato fries

    I am going to make sweet potato fries/wedges. I always do them in the oven but often they don't crisp up and just end up soggy. I have read various tips such as to blanch them first or add cornflour. Any tips to get them crispy in the oven. Don't want to fry
  5. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Fake Fish – Potato and Tuna Fish Loaf

    Fake Fish, Pesce Finto is a potato and tuna fish loaf, fish-shaped, cheap and easy to prepare for a second course or main course, perfect also to prepare along with children. Serves 6, Preparation 20 mins, Cooking time about 25-30 mins 600 g yellow potatoes 300 g tinned tuna in oil 40 g...
  6. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Crispy Potato-Sandwiches

    Potato sandwiches stuffed with cheese and ham, an idea for a one-course meal or a second course born as an empty-fridge recipe that soon became an excuse to make them on purpose. This recipe doesn’t really have precise doses, it depends on what you have in the fridge. Serves 2-3, Preparation...
  7. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Potato, Cheese and Thyme Tart

    Serves 4-6, Preparation time 15 mins, Cooking time 25-30 mins 4 potatoes medium-sized 100 g Fontina, grated 320 g puff pastry – 1 packet Fresh Thyme, 5 sprigs or the dried ones 1 egg 20 ml water EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 spoon Salt, to taste Method Preheat the oven to 180 C. Peel and...
  8. Milkduds

    Recipe Pesto-Ranch Potato Wedges

    This is a fast, simple, and delicious side dish. Most of the work is done for you via ranch dressing mix and bottled pesto. Ingredients: 2-3 large potatoes washed and scrubbed. You can leave the peel on or peel them, your preference. My peels got crispy which I like. 1 package ranch...
  9. Potato Sandwiches open.jpeg

    Potato Sandwiches open.jpeg

  10. Potato Sandwiches.jpeg

    Potato Sandwiches.jpeg

  11. Potato sandwiches ready.jpeg

    Potato sandwiches ready.jpeg

  12. Frying potato sandwiches.jpeg

    Frying potato sandwiches.jpeg

  13. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Basil Gnocchi

    First off, I want to thank CraigC, who commented on a gnocchi recipe I posted 2 years ago, with the advice to bake the potatoes instead of boil them. I had done what I often do at the time: basing the recipe on one by a famous chef, who boiled the potatoes. I have to say that there's no...
  14. Sue Veed

    Recipe Stilton potato cake

    Calories, cholesterol and confusion cooking! Serves two very hungry adults who promise to eat more frugally tomorrow. Colston Bassett dairy is about a 45km round trip from where I live, enough of a bike ride to build up an appetite, but easily in reach. This recipe features their blue stilton...
  15. Creamy Purple Carrot and Potato Soup.jpg

    Creamy Purple Carrot and Potato Soup.jpg

  16. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Courgette and Potato Parmigiana

    Light, easy, ‘in white’, i.e. without tomato sauce, this Courgette and Potato Parmigiana has nothing to envy to the more classic aubergine Parmigiana. We’ve used round courgette, but the long ones work just perfectly. Serves 4, Preparation 15 min, Cooking 40-50 min 4 round courgettes or 500...
  17. Courgette and Potato Parmigiana.jpeg

    Courgette and Potato Parmigiana.jpeg

  18. Baked-potato egg.jpeg

    Baked-potato egg.jpeg

  19. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Frico – Cheese and Potato Pie from Friuli Venezia Giulia

    It is practically a cheese pie with potatoes and/or onions, sometimes speck ham is also added and is a typical regional recipe from Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in north-east of Italy, whose capital is Trieste. The consistency of Frico is soft, warm and stringy inside. There are two versions...
  20. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Potato and Sausage Saffron-Flavoured

    Serves 4, Preparation time 10 mins, Cooking time 25-30 mins Yellow potatoes, 1 kg Pork sausage, 2 Onion, 1 Evoo – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 tbsp salt and pepper, to taste Saffron, a tsp Rosemary, a sprig Method Peel, crumble and brown sausages in a saucepan with a spoonful of Evoo. Cut...
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