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    Recipe Seada – Sweet Sardinian Dumpling

    This sweet fried dumpling is known as Seada or seadas or sebadas, and is a famous Sardinian dessert. The key to the unique taste of Seada is the stark contrast between slightly acidulous cheese of the filling usually with a soured Pecorino cheese and lemon peel, and the slightly bitter...
  2. Seada - Sweet Sardinian dumpling.jpeg

    Seada - Sweet Sardinian dumpling.jpeg

  3. Frying Seada.jpeg

    Frying Seada.jpeg

  4. Closed Seada.jpeg

    Closed Seada.jpeg

  5. Filling for Sardinian Seada.jpeg

    Filling for Sardinian Seada.jpeg

  6. Sardinian “Pasta Violada”.jpeg

    Sardinian “Pasta Violada”.jpeg

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