soffritto (italian)

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    Recipe Beer-Flavoured Beef Stew with Peas

    Spezzatino di Manzo con Piselli, is a classic Italian Secondo Piatto, typical of wintertime, where beef chunks are slowly cooked in the broth becoming very tender. However, I have moved away for a moment by replacing the classic preparation with white wine, with a full-bodied beer, double malt...
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    Recipe Pasta with Spiced Soffritto and Breadcrumbs

    A simple basic preparation such as Soffritto can also amaze by becoming an absolute protagonist as a seasoning for a pasta dish, especially when spiced. With this recipe we are going to make a slightly more abundant Soffritto than usual since it’s the main seasoning and not only the basis for...
  3. Pasta with Soffritto topped with toasted breadcrumbs.jpeg

    Pasta with Soffritto topped with toasted breadcrumbs.jpeg

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    Diced onion, carrot and celery
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