spring rolls

  1. badjak

    Recipe Spring rolls

    Not sure where to post, but the spring roll casing is sort of a wrap, I think :scratchhead: As usual, my recipe has no fixed amounts. Its more the proportions that matter. For the dough, I roughly followed the method as described here Wonton, Siu Mai, and Cantonese Spring Roll Skins, except I...
  2. rascal

    Spring roll recipe wanted..

    Ok I'm looking for a spring roll recipe. A tried and liked one that is deep fried and not the ones that have a gossamer feel to them. The clear ones I dont want. Finely chopped cabbage and carrots and ...... Russ
  3. Fried Chicken Lumpia

    Fried Chicken Lumpia

    Fried Chicken Lumpia
  4. Chicken Lumpia

    Chicken Lumpia

    Chicken Lumpia
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