1. flyinglentris

    Recipe Ice Milk Wine Float

    Ice Milk Wine Float: NOTE: Ice milk is called low fat ice cream today, after a rule change in naming it, due to butter fat content. NOTE: Both ice cream and low fat ice cream (ice milk) typically require using an ice cream machine to thicken them up. But, they can still be made without the...
  2. flyinglentris

    Recipe Fried Lox Ravioli in Tomato Cream Wine Sauce

    Fried Lox Ravioli in Tomato Cream Wine Sauce: Ingredients: 1) Semolina flour - 1-1/2 Cup 2) Eggs - 2 3) Lox - as required 4) Spinach - 1/4 Cup 5) Ricotta Cheese - 1/4 Cup 6) Cream Cheese - 2 to 3 tblspns. 7) Garlic - 4 to 5 tspns. 8) Shallot - 1/2 9) Serrano pepper - 1 large 9) Black olives...
  3. flyinglentris

    Recipe Lamb Manicotti with Creamy Tomato Wine Sauce

    Lamb Manicotti with Creamy Tomato Wine Sauce: Ingredients: 1) Lamb, Ground - 1 to 2 cups 2) Manicotti - 8 to 10 shells NOTE: To best determine the number of shells to use, lay them out dry in the intended baking dish and add two more in case one or more fall apart when boiling them up...
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