1. Saranak

    Recipe Torta.

    Ciao, I make few torta this is close as I come I sometimes make for Ray workmen on the site. They love. Warning to Donna this is not if you on diet! You need - Slice chicken cooked breasts, 3 - 4 oblong Pizza dough. Butter. Tarragon. Smoked cheeses any is good. Leek. Whit wine. Cream. Method...
  2. morning glory

    Recipe White Bean & Parsnip soup with Rosemary & Tarragon

    You could make this soup by substituting potato for parsnip, but I think that the parsnip adds a pleasing sweetness to the beans and works well with tarragon. Dried tarragon is fine to use here. Its a herb which retains its pungency. If you prefer a thick soup, simply use less stock or water...
  3. morning glory

    Recipe Dijon Mustard & Tarragon Ice Cream

    Mustard ice-cream might sound a bit strange but well… someone had to do it. Dijon, which is after all quite a sweet mustard, is intended to add a tang to the ice-cream which compliments the anise tarragon flavour. The basic ice cream recipe is a kulfi (an Indian ice-cream) and the great thing...
  4. morning glory

    Recipe Chicken Breast en Papillote with Saffron & Tarragon

    Cooking 'en papillote' is so easy and virtually foolproof. Its the perfect way to cook chicken breast so that it stays moist. Using a culinary blow torch (every kitchen needs one) adds a beautiful charred flavour and improves the appearance of the finished dish. Ingredients (per person, for...
  5. morning glory

    Oeuf en Gelée

    In another thread, eggs in jelly were mentioned - I can't find the link at the moment. A few members thought it sounded horrible - but it is a classic if somewhat old fashioned French dish. As I love eggs I thought I'd try it. This is first attempt. I could do better, I think, but it did taste...
  6. morning glory

    Recipe Tipsy Tarragon Tofu and Mushrooms

    Tarragon has a delicious aniseed taste which works well with delicate tofu and earthy mushrooms. The splash of Pernod in the marinade will tweak up the aniseed flavour. You need to marinade the tofu for at least a few hours to let the flavour permeate. The tofu I use is Tofoo, which doesn’t need...
  7. DIna00

    Tarragon Uses

    Maybe my jar of tarragon is old but I can not get a distinct flavor out of it. I think I'm pretty good with flavors and I'm able to incorporate most spices in my cooking, except for tarragon. Is there a distinct flavor of tarragon? What do you add it to? Do you find it adds a very noticeable taste?
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