1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Blue Cheese, Fig & Greengage Tart

    I was quite pleased with myself making this because I made the rough puff pastry from scratch but (due to current supplies of flour) I had no plain flour. I used self-raising flour instead and it worked perfectly well. Please use ready made puff pastry if you wish. I also made the greengage jam...
  2. Cherry tomatoes tart ready.jpeg

    Cherry tomatoes tart ready.jpeg

  3. Cherry tomatoes tart - before baking.jpeg

    Cherry tomatoes tart - before baking.jpeg

  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Black Tomato, Cheese & Onion Quiche

    The tomatoes used here are home-grown "Indigo Rose". This variety is supposed to be a true superfood with extremely high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, specially bred for extra nutrition and containing the same antioxidants as blueberries. They do have a lovely intense flavour and look...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Apple, Fig and Brie Tart

    Make this tart as large or small as you wish. I was using some left over puff pastry so went with the size that I had. To make things easy there are no quantities given. You simply need enough brie slices to cover the base of the tart and enough apple and fig slices to cover the top...
  6. Morning Glory

    Recipe Greengage, Feta & Honey Tart

    Greengages are in season for a very short time in the UK. They are a type of plum, similar to the French Reine Claude. They have deliciously sour skins and sweet flesh. Here, honey compliments the sweet and sour plums and feta adds a salty, tangy dimension. The lavender is the aromatic and...
  7. Morning Glory

    Recipe Greengage & Bresaola Tart

    British greengages are a type of heritage plum and are closely related to French 'Reine Claude Verte'. When ripe they have an acidity in the skin which contrast beautifully with the sweet honey tasting flesh. They are in season for a for a short time. - from late August through to...
  8. Torta Carrarina - Traditional Rum & Rice Tart from Tuscany

    Torta Carrarina - Traditional Rum & Rice Tart from Tuscany

    The city of Carrara, in the northern part of Tuscany, was already famous in Roman times because of the impeccably white marble that could be excavated in its quarries. Along with the municipality of Massa, Carrara gives its name to a lovely province that borders both with Liguria and...
  9. Morning Glory

    Recipe Red Onion Tart with Parsley and Parmesan

    Caramelised onions have a wonderful sweet flavour which works well with the slightly fruity and nutty taste of a good Parmesan. The parsley adds a mild bitter and mineral note which brightens the flavour. This makes a great simple vegetarian lunch together with a green salad. To make it vegan...
  10. Morning Glory

    Recipe Wild Mushroom Tart

    Is it cheating? I don’t know - but its a trick I’ve used before when making tarts in order to make sure the surface of the tart looks pretty. You fill the tart case with 2/3rds (or even more) of the custard mixture plus some of the filling and cook until almost set. Then add the top layer of...
  11. Morning Glory

    Recipe Black Butter Bakewell Tart

    Bakewell tart is traditionally made with a layer of raspberry jam covered in frangipane. Here, I used black apple butter in place of the jam and added an topping of sliced apples. You could, of course, make this using raspberry jam. Ingredients Shortcrust pastry 5 tbsp black butter (or...
  12. Morning Glory

    Recipe Banana, Bacon and Blue Cheese Tart

    I’m such a sucker for alliteration. Here, bananas melt into a sweet harmony with salty bacon and blue cheese. This is such a very easy and fast recipe to make. It serves two for a snack or even a light lunch if you add some salad. Ingredients (serves 2 ) Ready rolled puff pastry...
  13. Morning Glory

    Recipe Butternut Squash, Spinach and Cheddar Quiche

    For this quiche, you don't strictly speaking, need to roast the squash beforehand. You could simple par-boil it but roasting does add more flavour. Ingredients: Shortcrust pastry (I make my own but you could use ready-rolled or even a pre-cooked quiche/flan shell). 3 eggs 150ml milk...
  14. Morning Glory

    Recipe Roquefort and Spinach Filo Tart

    Roquefort and spinach is a lovely combination. I added some toasted almonds and soaked raisins for a slightly middle Eastern twist. Soaking the raisins in Martini adds a bittersweet herbal note - but you could use a different aromatic alcohol or orange juice. Use a loose bottom tart tin...
  15. Morning Glory

    Recipe Cherry and Strawberry Galette

    A galette is a very easy way to make a tart or flan and of course you can make them savoury as well as sweet. This recipe is vegan as I've used shortcrust made with margarine and glazed with apricot jam to get the pastry looking golden - but you could use egg wash instead (or both)...
  16. Morning Glory

    Recipe Treacle and Preserved Ginger Tart

    Treacle tart is a classic British tart - the filling is so sweet that the pastry really needs to be plain. Its delicious served with ice-cream or cream. Here I've added preserved ginger for an extra kick. I used a 9 and half inch shallow flan dish (slightly less than 1 inch depth)...
  17. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    What is the difference between Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel and Creme Tart?

    The title pretty much says it all. What is the difference between Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel and Creme Tart please?
  18. Morning Glory

    The CookingBites Cookalong: Tarte Tatin

    Have you ever made a Tarte Tatin? If not, then now is your chance to try! If you have cooked i successfully before, you can share your wisdom and cook along too. The idea of the Cookalong is that members cook a classic recipe within a certain timescale and share their experience. Its a bit of...
  19. Morning Glory

    Recipe Braised Shallot and Caramelised Garlic Tart

    This tart uses a whole head of garlic - but don't be alarmed. The slow caramelisation renders the garlic cloves into plump sweet bites. You really need to use a big head of garlic for this and one that has fat cloves. Serve the tart at room temperature with a crisp salad. Ingredients...
  20. Elawin

    Recipe Tarte Owt of Lente (an Elizabethan cheese tart)

    Tarte Owt Of Lente The name derives from the fact that it contains all the things you're not allowed to eat during Lent - cheese, cream and eggs, cooked in a light pastry case. If you like a strong cheese taste, then this is the dish for you. Original recipe Gentyllmanly Cokere (MS Pepys...
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