A matter of principle or pig-headedness?

Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by Lullabelle, 31 Jan 2019.

  1. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

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    On Tuesday I emailed a supplier asking him to quote me prices for stationery. I received a bounce back informing me he no longer works for the company so please send emails to L G.
    I sent my email to L G asking him to quote me for items, he replied to my email, I filled in the requisition form and handed it to my boss because she has to authorise before I can buy.
    Yesterday I received an email informing me my order was on it's way, I emailed L G to inform him I hadn't ordered anything, he was out of office so I contacted someone else to explain the situation, he said he would speak to his manager. A delivery driver arrived with a box, I refused to accept it and notified the supplier. Later someone else turned up at the stores with another box, I notified the supplier again and asked for the items to be collected, guess what turned up today?
    L G was back in this morning and called me after reading my email, he apologised and explained he had accidently marked the quote as an order, was there a problem with the goods? not happy with the prices? is that why we are returning them? I explained that I had only asked for a quote, I had to give it to my boss for her authorisation .I didn't yet have it so therefore I cannot accept the items.
    We did want them but I didn't feel comfortable with the situation, I felt as though I was expected to accept goods I hadn't ordered. I point blank refused to accept any of the stuff and asked that they be collected. I then ordered with someone else.

    I see this from the point of principle, maybe I am just being pig-headed.
  2. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I would have done the same. Being as its near the end of the month they needed the sales figures up??

  3. MypinchofItaly

    MypinchofItaly Veteran

    A seller! not very smart though
    Or he clumsily tried to recover an error .. and he did worse.
    I would have refused it too anyway
  4. smellycat

    smellycat Member


    I dont think its either pig headed or principle I think its commonsense. maybe that falls under the umbrella of principle. I would like to believe in the best of people, the fella probably did make a quote quick mistake. Either way, you did your job and thats what matter(ed)
  5. I had something similar happen recently. Weight Watchers sometimes has meeting at my workplace, and when they do they offer an upgraded membership at a good price. This wasn't going to happen for 2 weeks, but I wanted to know how I should go about transferring my membership when it does happen. I had a few minutes until a meeting I had to attend, and I figured this was an easy one to answer. So, I called support, told them my situation...and the support person said, "just a moment please" and then "Okay...I've just deactivated your account". WHAT???

    I reminded them that this wasn't going to happen for 2 weeks, and I wanted to know what to do then, and could they please reactivate my account. So, again, "just a moment please" and then "Okay. Your account has been reactivated." But, it wasn't. I couldn't get to any of my information, either through the app or through the website. I spent an hour on the phone going through what was obviously a checklist of troubleshooting steps (refresh your browser; log out and and then log back in again; clear your history, etc) and nothing worked. So the support person said, "Well, we've tried everything, so it must be a problem with the website. I'm going to report this as a problem."

    And, that was it! No, "sorry for wrecking your account when you only had a simple question" or "sorry for taking so much of your time". I tried calling support later, after my meeting (which I had to attend remotely, with half my attention in the tech support mess), hoping I'd get someone who wasn't an idiot, and they were closed for the day. And, they weren't open over the weekend, either. So, I lost access to my account for parts of 3 days because I called with a simple question!

    Monday, I finally found someone to fix the problem. They apologized over and over again for my troubles, and even credited me an extra week of membership.

    I think that there are people who simply aren't cut out for - well - helping people. I think it requires a basic understanding of what it's like to be in the position of needing help, so you can properly empathize with what the person wants. Of course, everyone has had a time when they've needed help, and they surely know what sort of help they need. But, some people are just brainless when it comes to asking basic questions when you seek help (questions like "do you want to place an order with the quote I've given?" or "do you want me to deactivate your account now?"). :mad:
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  6. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    Wow what a real pain in the a##! Unfortunately some people just read off a checklist without paying much attention, really annoying and frustrating :mad:.glad you got it sorted :)

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