A Warm, Sweet, Mexican Holiday Beverage -With Cinnamon

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    So the other day I was Skyping my language partner in El Salvador. As we flowed back and forth in English and Spanish, I noticed she was sipping on something that looked full of flavor. Come to find out the name of it is Atole. And after doing some research I found that it originates in Mexico. The people usually drink it during Christmas or during The Day of the Dead. But just as she told me... "Sometimes we drink it because it simply tastes awesome! haha."

    I'll literally be attempting to cook it this weekend! (fingers crossed). But I also have another method that I'd like to try at some other point. Which leads me into the question I have for you all...

    Do any of you know how to turn a Flour-Based-Beverage into a powder?

    What equipment is used?



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  2. CraigC

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    That is a new one on me. I've had Horchata before. I'll have to check that one out.
  3. Mewmew

    Mewmew Active Member

    Sounds lovely.
  4. morning glory

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    As I understand it this is a corn based drink made from masa harina. A bit of research suggests you can buy it 'ready to make' in sachets and in comes in lots of different flavours!

    If you use Masa Harina, it is already a powder so you can make up the drink and add any flavourings you want. So not really any need to turn the final beverage into a powder. Here is a recipe I found using Masa Harina which might help: https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/mexican-atole/

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