And today's preserving tasks...


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14 Oct 2015
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7:27 AM
First, more courgette chutney! I've more or less given up on recipes, relying on tastebuds for flavour (bearing in mind it gets less sharp when mature) and common sense in terms of vinegar and sugar quantities. I like sultanas and apple in it and usually use a mix of ground ginger, ground allspice and nutmeg to flavour. I shall add a bit more garlic to this batch I think.

Second, crab apple jelly. My new garden has a fine crab apple which I now know is a variety called Laura, which has small, perfect bright red apples, which are red all the way through. I'll let you know whether the jelly comes true red as well!
I have both blackberries and raspberries In the Garden at the moment. Does anyone know if you can make jam using both together? Does it taste all right?
I have never made jam but I have bought blackberry/raspberry jam before at a farmer's market and it was really quite good.
The two berries are very similar so it is similar to raspberry jam but has much more flavour.
Coincidentally I have done up 8 jars of caramelised onion chutney with chili, garlic, ginger and mustard seed plus balsamic vinegar... Tomorrow as a result of someone posting up an apple butter recipe in making apple butter! I just haven't decided on the recipe yet but it at least answers the questions on what to do with the wind fall apples my mum gave me off a friend...
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