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11 Oct 2012
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11:26 AM
A Scot in SE Australia
Had to go over to my mum's today to use their oven to make my Christmas cake.

4 christmas cakes and 5 batches of scones later and I have arrived home with a single cake.

The fruit along took 3 films (1 of them extended) and 4 episodes of a series to pick through yesterday. Lots of stalks and stones in the fruit this year. Then washed, and soaked in dry apple juice overnight. Up at 6am this am to get over to my mothers for 9am to start the cake marathon. First cake was in the oven for 11:25am (noted for cooking times). Of course this is a new house to them and therefore a new cooker, so its guess work as to whether the cooker runs hot/cold. Thankfully it is one of those electric ranges which has 3 ovens otherwise today would not have ended until tomorrow...

Somehow I have ended up making 2 large cakes, 2 small cakes and 5 batches of scones (2 sultana, 1 cheese and 2 choc chip) none of which I can eat!

And to make matters worse, apart from filling their house with the smell of christmas cake, the car is also now full of it as well!

A heady aroma for the 1hr drive home!

Exhausted now, thank (insert deity here) that Christmas is only once a year!
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