bbq rotisserie cooking a chicken and pork loin


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21 Mar 2021
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10:15 AM

I am really enjoying cooking on the bbq, its something i find strange as I hate cooking.

So, when cooking a plain chicken, nothing really special, I would like crispy skin. I normally get the extra tasty cook in the bag (already prepared) chickens and roast them. I have only cooked this once or twice before in 2019. Should I spatchcock the chicken and cook via a basket on the rotisserie or just leave the chicken whole? Do any of you have a rub recipe that will make this chicken extra tender and crispy?

The next thing (or first depending on cooking chicken in a basket) is to cook a nice bit of pork loin (my favourite cut of any animal) on the rotisserie. again, do you have a good rub recipe that will again take this to the next level? I normally just take the skin off, leaving fat layer intact as I am not a fan of hard crackling, and keep the roast dry and salted.

I don't like anything spicy.
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