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6 Apr 2021
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Hello Everyone,
I am a resident of Brisbane and was looking for some good catering food nearby. I have researched many restaurants and catering companies and came through a lot of references and the best one which I found is My Alter Ego which offers various catering solutions such as
1. Office & Corporate Catering
2. Conference Lunch
3. Grazing Tables
4. Corporate Events
I just wanted to confirm if this is a great choice to go with or not?

Let me know your suggestions about it.
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11 Oct 2012
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A Scot in SE Australia
The one thing that strikes me immediately is that this company does not offer dedicated vegetarian, let alone vegan food. You have after all posted this thread in the vegan and vegetarian food forum.

It is also not aimed at a residential but corporate environment so I'm finding it difficult to see what you are after from them.

So I can't see how they would meet your requirements which the only information I have gleamed is that you are a resident of Brisbane and posted this thread in vegan and vegetarian food. Presumably you are looking for help with food at home during the current lockdown in Brisbane?
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