Recipe Boiled Vegetables Without Oil


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1 Jul 2022
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Healthy Boiled vegetables means combination of variety of vegetables whether chopped, julienned or cubed which are used in variety of ways. The list for boiled vegetables keeps on updating according to what one wants to prepare. One can also use these vegetables in soup and can prepare mix vegetable soup with these. I have cooked these in water with zero oil.

Cabbage - 1 small
Carrots - 2 carrots
Beans - 100 grams
Frozen Peas- 1 cup
Water - For Boiling
Salt - 1 tbsp


1) Take pressure cooker and add 1 katori water and all the ingredients along with salt.

2) Mix them well.

3) Pressure cook and wait for the pressure.

4) Pressure normally comes in a minute, if it does not, lift the cooker's whistle and check.

5) When whistle starts moving with pressure switch off the flame.

6) Wait for the pressure to release.

7) After 2 minutes or more the pressure should have released. Open the lid of the cooker and mix the vegetables well.

8) Taste the salt, if required add accordingly.

9) Transfer it to the serving bowl and serve.
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