Cats and plants


16 Jun 2018
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10:47 PM
Does anyone else's cat have staring contests with their plants? My cat has been giving my basil the stink eye for about 45 minutes now. Hilarious, adorable, and confusing.
Cats are famous for trying to eat plants and then throwing them back up (ALWAYS on the carpet, never the tile floor, thankyouverymuch). I have to avoid certain types of plants (lilies are incredibly toxic to cats) for this reason.

My cats are generally pretty good - the tortoiseshell sometimes likes to bat around the baby plants on those long stems that come off my spider plant, but they generally leave the others alone.

One notable exception: when we first got Ms. Tortie, she was a stray that had been seeking shelter in a barn, so we didn’t know her history. She was terribly thin, so we got her treated for tapeworms, and she started to put weight on. We then discovered that she wasn’t spayed, as she started serenading us morning, noon, and night with all sorts of songs about wanting a boyfriend. One of her interesting tricks was she’d stand on the edge of the pot of my grapefruit tree, do a handstand against the tree’s trunk, and pee all over the tree!

Living with a cat in heat was far more annoying than I had anticipated. Thankfully it all went away when we got her spayed.
I have always had cats. The few years that I did not have cats was when I lived in apartments that did not allow cats. I have had two cats at a time for the last forty years. They were all strays or rescues. Six cats over 40 years. Five females and an adorable, butterball tuxedo male. They all have quirks. No two are the same. Their personalities are diverse.
Unfortunately, our 1970's house is too dark for growing indoor plants. My girls are indoor cats. They will follow me if I go out to the patio. They will nibble on the grass, keeping their paws on the concrete. Yes, they barf up the grass as soon as they get back inside. If your cats are eating your house plants, consider setting out trays of cat grass. Many house plants are toxic to cats. Cat grass is not only safe but beneficial. I love my girls and so does George. They are spoiled rotten, and their humble human servants are very well trained.
You can also grow catnip. Have to be careful with that though. Most cats will just get stoned, but we had a big tom years ago that would turn into a mean a$$hole and would attack our other cats. He was a big old cuddly baby when not high on catnip.

I'm going to try again soon, but I had to stop growing microgreens in our kitchen bay window because Mindy decided that the tray full of dirt and plants made an excellent napping spot, so not only did she squish the plants, but got dirt everywhere.
He was a big old cuddly baby when not high on catnip.
A lot of people don’t know this, but that’s what inspired Jerry Garcia to write Casey Jones. The original lyrics were:

On a bad trip
High on catnip
Puss-in-boots better
Calm the <bleep> down
Baby before
Azzhole after
Now that cat’s attackin’
His bros and sisters
Now that cat’s attackin’ (bluesy guitar lick)
His brooooos…..(more guitar)…..and sisssssterrrrssss

I’m a musicologist, you know. I know these things. :wink:
I occasionally sprinkle their nap mats with dried cat nip. LMAO. Stoned cats are much funnier than stoned people.
Sallie gets loopy. She staggers around, falls down, takes a nap. Daisy gets wound up. At twelve years old she tears around the room bouncing off the furniture and walls. I love my girls.
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