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24 Aug 2015
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We have this great bread in my region. It is a flat bread that one can eat with stew of any kind. I often take it with beef stew but can be eaten in many ways than one. I have attached the recipe if you like to try:)

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Chapati Recipe
Chapati is a type of flat bread common among many communities in East Africa. There is a variety of ways to serve Chapati that make it well loved in families. Years ago, it was the reserve of special occasions (such as Christmas) when every family would strive to make the delicacy.

2 cups white flour
Some oil
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix all the ingredients well adding1 tablespoon of oil to the flour mixture. Kneed with your hands until you get smooth dough in your hands.

Leave the dough to stand for at least 30 mins before dividing it into equal parts. After you have the pan on your gas stove, roll out each part of the dough over a gentle flame to cook. Pour out cooking oil on the sides of it while it cooks. Turn over the chapati to cook on the other side. You should have a great chapati when the bread is layered with light patches on each side.

Continue the process for the other balls until you are done.


I like to add cinnamon to my chapati dough and at times even add grated carrots. You can use anything you like to spice up the bread that goes for a wholesome dish in the end.

How to eat chapati
You can have it with a stew of meat and vegetables. Some people like it with cereals such as green grams too. It makes for a great breakfast too as you can take it with hot tea.


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11 Oct 2012
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SE Australia
I love making chapattis. Our local supermarket has a large ethnical area and I can get Atta flour at £3.50 for a 10kg bag which makes it very economical and they are so easy to make.
I put my chapatti in the fridge to stand before making them.
Using the atta flour also means that I am using wholemeal flour as well which we prefer.


14 Oct 2012
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I have a old Nepalese comrade who makes the best roti,his Regional type of flat bread
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