Recipe Cheddar-topped aubergines with yoghurt sauce


26 Aug 2020
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3:05 AM
Cheddar-topped aubergines with yoghurt sauce

Serves 2 | Preparation time 1,5 hours


2 medium-sized aubergines/eggplants (~650 g/1.43 lbs)​
2 tablespoons evoo​
100 g/0.22 lbs mature cheddar​
1-2 teaspoons grated lime zest​
40 g/1.4 oz pine kernels​
1-2 cloves of garlic​
a handful of fresh oregano​
a bunch of dill​
¼-½ green chili (deseeded)​
300 g/0.66 lbs/~300 ml/1.27 cups natural yoghurt/yoghourt (preferably lean Greek)​
~0.5 teaspoon black pepper​
~1 teaspoon salt​


1. Set the oven to 225°C /430°F/gas mark 7, no fan.
2. Rinse the eggplants, place them on an oven dish or baking tray (covered with baking paper or foil), prick them with a fork and lather with evoo. Place a big piece of foil loosely on top and cook in the oven for 1 hour until soft and mushy.
4. Meanwhile, grate the cheese and lime zest.
5. Toast the pine kernels quickly on a dry frying pan/skillet on high heat.
6. Mince the garlic and rinse and chop the herbs; leave a few oregano leaves for garnish.
7. Cut the chili into tiny slivers.
8. Mix the yoghurt, lime zest, garlic, chili and herbs and season to taste with salt and pepper.
9. Cut the cooked aubergines into halves, season lightly with salt and pepper, sprinkle cheese on top and gratinate for ~10 minutes until the cheese has got some color.
11. Spoon plenty of yoghurt sauce on top and garnish with pine kernels and oregano.

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