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18 Dec 2017
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With all the Chicken Sandwich Wars in mind, I couldn't resist making my own dent in the mêlée.


Another camera shake image reflects how my battle got a bit out of hand. I suffered lots of interruptions while oil was heating at 375 degrees. Cooking chicken breast breaded was a bit new to me. Normally, I don't bread it. I found you can't just dip the chicken in dry flour, but have to mix up a more liquid flour dip. Keep that in mind.

Here's my ingredients:


It's simple enough, but I had more camera problems. I had my camera's memory card out to load images onto the computer and forgot to put it back in and missed a bunch of photos before realization set in. All I can give you is this photo that showed the results before adding the Canadian Bacon and the top of the Ciabatta Roll. But I don't think those photos would be necessary here anyway.



1) Slice up the Cucumber, Tomatoes and Green Onion and set aside.
2) Mix up the Corn Flour in a bowl with water to make a liquid dip
3) Heat up some Cooking Oil in a frying pan to about 375 degrees.
4) Dip and coat the Chicken Half-Breast
5) Pan Fry the Chicken Half-Breast, testing to check that interior is done.
6) Spread Mustard on bottom of Ciabatta.
7) Add Horseradish
8) Layer Green Onion, Cucumber and Tomato slices on top of that
9) Put the cooked Chicken Half-Breast in a microwaveable cooking pan and add Cheddar Cheese
10) Microzap for one minute to melt the cheese.
11) Place the Chicken Half-Breast on top of the sandwich being prepared.
12) Add a slice or two of Canadian Bacon and top off with the top of the Ciabatta Roll.
13) Serve


This turned out to be very juicy and very tasty. I was going to add Sweet Potato French Fries, but the level of interruptions got to be too much to deal with and settled for the sandwich by itself.

Final Note: When preparing for consumption, I recommend first cutting the sandwich in half and then quartering it. This puppy is very juicy and the Green Onion, Cucumber and Tomato can easily get squeezed out and it's easier to avoid those clothing stains by quartering the sandwich outright.
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